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  1. i rekon gta melbourne would be wiked just because melborunes a fukin awsome city. maby gta: kill all th bannana benders (qld) and sydney siders , sounds cachy.
  2. have a look in the car mods file theres a list of names. they go along the lines of carbump_s, something like that and you can moddify that to get what you want.
  3. swhit i thought that one had the radar and niko in the pic ill put the other one on then hopefully that one has him in it. about sa yes carl had a garage but it was a pice of shit and didn't have any signs except xoomer ones. and i dont no where it was i wasn't paying attention but it was somewher near a safehoue ofr a hospital
  4. i was cruzin in alderny i think it was, killing cops on my nrg 900 when i hit a car and flew for ages landing on the footpath facing a building that had a sign saying CJ's autos. what do you think i'll post the foto as soon as ie decides to let me upload stuff. here it iz
  5. it'd be cool to put some coppers or something in there and drive into a river or a car crusher
  6. i think im starting to see a patern emerging, namely do you people get any? nah jokes shoudn't say that ive got the hookers theme. ive got bassmatic ring tone, and can you change the message tone i think my brother did on his account.
  7. what about the fukin grass and busshes and trees n shit i agree too many cops and not enough open space.
  8. i think the problem is the shanghi mod cause thats near lss airport as for the slow rendering its probly cause your moving so fast in the air. try turning down the detail all those new cars can screw with the rendering
  9. you cant just make 1 car have neons. it's none or all soz but thats the way it iz
  10. the speedo is here, p.s. it's a trainer not a mod. cliky as for the shifting, it's just an animation with time intervals dictated by the handling.cfg
  11. i've got a rx-7 that replaces the zr350 because of the auto pop up lights so that works ok but i've also got a mr2 and treueno that can use the auto light thing but the zr350 it the only one that has it. so what part of the game files do ihave to mod to give my mr2 and trueno auto lights?
  12. di you replace the one your wearing or another one, cause you may have to wear the shirt b4 you can see it.
  13. copy it, duh stick it in the cd drive open it up and look for gta3.img in models there's a lcs img tool in the downloads section of tgtap.
  14. shit, your buggered then.
  15. my one is rong side of the tracks & zero's first mission. zero's first mission was the only one in the game that i used cheats for.
  16. my name killa killer, took all my brainpower to make up. every had to make up an user names in a time limit? i burnt out my little bulb. i was playing soldier front and i screwed up my account so i had to make up a new one and fast. my original one was forget me knot, cause i didn't want anyone to forget me when they'd been stealth killed from behind. then cause i was such a killa killer that what my freind started calling me (he's more of nerd than me) i thought it was fitting. and then on here i thought may as well keep my name to save confsion. I could change my name to Aubs cause my real name is aubrey (scotish, family war hero name) but then people wouldn't remember me.
  17. yeah, but it'll take some hard work. first get lcs on ps2 i ( i can't mod any others) get the gta.dat (just the item numbers & info) add it to the sa gta.dat the open up the img tool and get all the stuff but veicles and weapons and add them to gta3.img get the ipl files and modify them get them moved over to where you want them. as it looks, it takes a lot of effort. or you could just take the coll files from lcs and put them into sa at the right place.
  18. what about if you get hit in the boot and petrol starts leaking then the guage goes down faster
  19. i think the car should only explode if you've done some damage to it like smashed in the fuel tank.
  20. what sort of stuff do you think will make or break GTA4? I rekon you should have a fuel guage and heat guage and you have to fill up with petrol instead of just being able to just drive for ever. and cars get damaged differently depending on where it's hit i.e. the radiator or rear bumper. and your health should go down if you drive off a cliff and fall for 100s' of metres. and you should slow down when you hold heaps of weapons then you have to work out to let you keep running fast.
  21. yeah all the icons are still broken. BTW still havn't worked out what trolling is and i think grey on black would be a good scheeme.
  22. WTF? why don't you new people search these things before making a new topic X( i've replied to heaps of these requests this month. search it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  23. yeah just make the multiplier to 0.00 so it wont ever blow up.
  24. no i ment like behind the model. is it blue?
  25. What are the manufature names for these cars? link to GTC. dont know what the hell a lantra is. the car vin diesil drives in f&f is a dodge charger with a bird catcher injector hat stiking out the bonnet. here's the link. f&f charger
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