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Connors Siggy's


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You make a border.... If you got them off the internet you'd practically need a new one for every sig. I don't use GIMP, I use PS, so I don't actually know how Gimp works.

Try this, though. Create a new layer and put it at the very top. Hit CTRL + A to select all, maybe that doesn't work in Gimp, I don't know. Just select the entire canvas. Then go to Edit and see if you have the option "Stroke". Put a 1-3 pixel stroke of whatever color you want, and make sure it's set to "Inside", not "Center" or "Outside".

If that doesn't work, well, then, I don't know. That's how I do it.

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1. Don't brush OVER your point of interest in there, for these, especially, it takes away.

2. Make sure the brushing has a point to it. The random grunge doesn't go with Salvatore, really.

3. Following off of number 3, pay attention to color. A grey-blue color would've worked on that a little better, IMO.

4. Sometimes things look cool, but just don't work. Not to sound mean, but don't use effects just for the sake of using them. Inverting colors is used way too often just to look cool. Not saying don't do it, I'm saying atleast do it with a reason behind it, and where it matches the signature.

Just keep working on it.

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There not to bad, but myself, I live and breath borders. Boards make things look more complete. So don't forget to add them.

God kills a kitten everytime you use a 1px border :P

You DO realise you're wearing two sigs with 1pxl borders on them, right?

Yeah, he wasn't really very smart about that comment :whistle:

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