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My first bike stunting vid

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The only thing is i'm surprised daredevilx didnt pick up on was the fact you are using modded bike. This can amke people think you are using bikes with increased performance to make the stunts easier. Like athletes using steroids. Only in GTA... and for Bikes...

Just a thought there...

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Yeah, bike is modded and with modded bike can be very easer to make stunts like that, man.

Modded bike can change gravity, speed, handling...

EDIT: I'm not sure but I think he put bag graphic on the video just to make sure we do not notice that the bike is changed.

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Thanks for your input, but although my bike is a different frame, i wrote down the parameters for the nrg and changed them back to that so the physics are the same, the only difference is my bike is a suzuki and perhaps might have a few extra polygons. I'm not sure how to get a better quality picture as i did exactly what the tutorial told me to do :S. In my videos i try not to use packers and instead use the scenery for my stunts, only till i get better at using packers, or when my computer decides to leave the packer where i left it and not remove it (most annoying). The next vid will be better, and i'll put different music on it for ya :P.

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