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Liberty City Stories Features

As with any GTA game, Liberty City Stories is packed with features, below are some of the bigger and more important ones in the game.

  • The game takes place in Winter, 1998 in Liberty City
  • You are able to drive bikes (motorcycles) in the game!
  • Flight is not officially supported or used, but a modifications do allow for flight
  • You are able to play your own music in the game, but you must use special software to convert music to the LCS format, and only CDs can be used
  • Salvatore is one of the main characters in the game and you do a large amount of work for him
  • Luigi's club is now run by JD O'Toole, a Sindacco pervert who longs to be in the Leone gang
  • Hidden Packages, Stunt Jumps and Rampages are hidden in all new locations
  • Many buildings have been altered from 2001's GTA III to better represent the era
  • Luigi's Club (Sex Club 7) has been renamed to "Paulie's Revue Pad" because of JD's ownership
  • Several old faces are seen including Maria, Salvatore's mistress from GTA3
  • The game is played in a fully 3-dimensional environment
  • A large amount of clothing is available, with outfits similar to Vice City's system. In total, sixteen outfits are available to unlock
  • 34 weapons are available in the game, including ten melee weapons, three projectiles, two pistols, four SMGs, three shotguns, two assault rifles, two sniper rifles, and four "heavy" weapons
  • Multiplayer is included, but it is only Ad-Hoc, so internet play is not supported

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