GTA V Characters

In GTA IV we saw the addition of new protagonists in both downloadable content packs, a first for a GTA game. GTA V builds on this framework in a groundbreaking new way, offering three protagonists right from the start, with the ability to switch between each one as and when you feel like it. Even during missions, opportunities will arise that will allow you to switch to a different character (if you so choose) at certain moments, allowing you to focus on a different aspect of that particular mission. Keep reading for bios of the main characters we know about so far.

Each of the three main characters has their own personality, motivations and skillset, and also their own story arc. When not in control of a character, they will be going about their daily business. You can switch characters by pulling up a quick menu, the camera pulls away and zooms out to a Google Earth-style map, before zooming into your chosen character's whereabouts. 

The Three Main Characters


Age: Early 40s
Lives: a mansion in Rockford Hills (based on real-life Beverly Hills)

Michael is a retired bank robber, who was highly successful in his day. Currently living in luxury in a witness protection program after making a deal with the FIB. He is married to Amanda, who he hates. He has two teenage children, a son Jimmy, and a daughter Tracy. His wife and daughter enjoy shopping sprees with his money, and he has an awkward relationship with his son. With home life driving him crazy and his funds dwindling, he is drawn back into a life of crime.


Age: Early 40s
Lives: a trailer in Blaine County (desert area)

A life-long criminal, Trevor is a former military pilot. He is a friend of Michael's from when he used to work with him on a few bank jobs. He is a frequent drug user, and has a tattoo on his neck which says "Cut Here". Prone to violent outbursts and destructive rampages, he is easy to get on board with a heist.


Age: Mid 20s
Lives: South Los Santos

Franklin is a young and ambitious hustler, currently working for an Armenian luxury car dealership who sell cars to people who can't afford them. When they default, Franklin plays the repo man. Franklin first meets Michael when looking for a hustle. He is fit and fashion concious, the young and capable one of the three men.

Other Characters

  • Lamar: Franklin's crazy friend (in a good way). A very funny character who is a lot less serious than Franklin.
  • Amanda: Michael's wife. Bound to him by their past lives, but they hate each other now. Michael was awful to her, but she has a strong personality - now she enjoys spending all his money.
  • Jimmy: Michael's son, a whiny, lazy, pot-smoking kid. Has a bad, confused relationship with his dad.
  • Tracy: Michael's daughter, takes strongly after her mother Amanda, and enjoys going on shopping sprees with her.
  • Ron: Trevor's best friend - or as much as a friend he can have. A paranoic conspiracy theorist who lives in a neighbouring trailer, he is terrified of Trevor.

Familiar Faces

Rockstar have confirmed that some familiar faces from GTA IV could make appearances in the game, however these won't be major characters such as Niko Bellic. At the same time, Rockstar confirmed that GTA V is set in the same universe as it's predecessor, and that this is completely seperate to the universe that the five PS2 GTA's were set in, i.e. characters like CJ and Tommy Vercetti will never be seen in this universe.

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