Digital Screenshots from Trailer #4

By Chris | 28th Mar 2008 at 19:53 GMT in GTA IV | 4 Comments

Rockstar have sent us some high quality digital screenshots, which look a lot better than the poor quality screengrabs we got ourselves. These screens were featured in the very quick montage at the end of trailer 4.

See all 10 in our GTA IV screenshot gallery.


On a sidenote, I never posted when I added my trailer 4 screengrabs to the website, you can now see all 70 of those from the final trailer on our GTA IV screengrabs page.

Additionally, we've recently updated our GTA IV multiplayer page, and have added a page ready for listing the Xbox 360 achievements for the game - we imagine these will be revealed to us in the coming weeks, along with more information on the other multiplayer modes. Stay tuned!

Harwood Butcher's photo
Harwood Butcher 28th March, 2008 @ 19:58 - Permalink

Well now we know that one guys name, "Dimitri".

GTA Don's photo
GTA Don 28th March, 2008 @ 20:17 - Permalink

Mission Impossible much? I like those screens.

mutu's photo
mutu 29th March, 2008 @ 08:38 - Permalink

I like the new screens. They are very good.

Hansui's photo
Hansui 29th March, 2008 @ 08:43 - Permalink

nice screenshots :)

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