Update on San Andreas PC

By Adriaan | 7th Jun 2005 at 19:23 GMT in San Andreas | 3 Comments

I have happen to talk to Jordan from PlanetGTA earlier on about the PC version of San Andreas. Below I outline some of the things I have learned from him:

► You can control a fire truck's hose with the mouse.

► When inside a interior, you can see through it to the outside.

► There are more boxes and trash cans scattered around the Grove.

► As always moving the mouse around, moves the camera around CJ, when holding down the right mouse button, it brings up the crosshair.

► GTASA.exe takes up to 131MB of RAM.

► I have seen a screenshot where Jordan zooms into a stolen car from almost a quarter of a mile away.

► At peak traffic times the number of cars onscreen has been increased from 10 for the PS2 version, to 18 for the PC version.

► GTA3.img is three times the size of Vice City, coming around 940MB.

► Modifying the files in the data folder is much easier than Vice City.

We will be updating you with the latest on the cheats for the PC version. Also stay tuned as we will be uploading mods very, very soon..

Cam.'s photo
Cam. 7th June, 2005 @ 20:09 - Permalink

Shit, sounds like its going to be laggie on my laptop.

person123's photo
person123 7th June, 2005 @ 22:05 - Permalink

i couldnt even play vice city right on my pc damn i wish i had a better pc

Plo Koon's photo
Plo Koon 8th June, 2005 @ 00:03 - Permalink

I have the things needed to play the new GTA SA for PC so I'm good now. :cigar:

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