Game Informer's World Exclusive GTA V Preview!

By Chris | 8th Nov 2012 at 19:50 GMT in GTA V | 15 Comments

IPB ImageFollowing on from the cover reveal earlier, the digital version of this month's Game Informer magazine is out now. Below is our summary of the massive amount of information covered in the magazine.


  • The game will feature three protagonists which you can switch between at any time. Michael, Trevor, and Franklin
  • Michael (heard voicing trailer 1) is a retired bank robber living a lavish lifestyle thanks to a deal with the FIB
  • Michael has a wife, Amanda, and a teenage daughter, Tracy, and teenage son Jimmy
  • Trevor is a friend of Michael's. He lives in a trailer in a desert region of the map. He is a war veteran and has flight experience.
  • Each of the three characters has their own personality, motivations and skillset
  • Each character has their own story arc
  • When not in control of a character, they will be going about their daily business - you are free to switch between them at nearly any time you want.
  • You can flip off people, with different types of people in different areas reacting differently
  • "Within the story, you're going to know information about a character before they know it because you're going to know what the other people know when you play as them"
  • No RPG style elements to character customisation, however, you can buy different clothes for each character
  • Some familiar faces from GTA IV and EFLC will make a return, though not major ones like Niko.


  • Gameplay mechanics have evolved greatly since GTA IV
  • Driving is less boat-like as in GTA IV, has more of a racing game feel to it
  • More vehicles than any GTA game has ever had before - including BMX bikes, road bikes, dirt bikes, huge variety of cars and trucks, helicopters, planes, ATVs and jet skis
  • Shooting and melee combat has evolved, though no specifics are given about this
  • Trevor was shown to pick up a can of gasoline and douse vehicles etc. and set fire to it using a lighter
  • Rappelling down buildings seems to be possible (at least in one mission shown)


  • Los Santos is bigger than Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and GTA IV combined
  • Includes: beachfronts, wine country, large wilderness area, fully explorable Mt. Chiliad, Salton Sea region, military base, sprawling suburban hills, and bustling urban centre.
  • The ocean is fully explorable, including being able to dive.


  • There are several multi-tiered complex missions like "Three Leaf Clover" in GTA IV
  • Missions sometimes feature all three characters, and have a different tone depending on who you are playing as - you will sometimes be able to switch characters during a mission if you choose
  • Random encounters make a return from GTA IV but appear in a much bigger way
  • You will come across dynamic missions in the game. For example you may see a broken down car or a hitchiker. You can choose to stop and interact, or just completely ignore them
  • A musical score will increase tension during missions


  • Ammu-Nation makes a return
  • Strip clubs, stand up comedy, internet cafes, and television shows all make a return
  • Many additional sophisticated minigames will be featured, similar to poker in Red Dead Redemption
  • Michael, Trevor and Franklin could have some hobbies only available to them - although most minigames will be available to all three characters.
  • Activities include yoga, triathlons, jet skiing, base jumping, tennis and golf
  • Dating will not make a return but you'll have some normal friends to interact with
  • Some familiar faces from GTA IV and EFLC will make a return, though not major ones like Niko.
  • Same universe as GTA IV
  • There will be "loads of stuff" to spend your money on in the in-game economy, though no property
  • The mobile phone concept makes a return, but friends won't annoy you by calling all the time! You'll be able to access the Internet with it.
  • Census information and vehicle sales data were used as a guide to depict the game world.


GI Scan 01 GI Scan 02 GI Scan 03 GI Scan 04 GI Scan 05 GI Scan 06 GI Scan 07 GI Scan 08 GI Scan 09 GI Scan 10 GI Scan 11 GI Scan 12 GI Scan 13 GI Scan 14 GI Scan 15 GI Scan 16 GI Scan 17 GI Scan 18 GI Scan 19 GI Scan 20 GI Scan 21 GI Scan 22 GI Scan 23 GI Scan 24 GI Scan 25 GI Scan 26 GI Scan 27

We know it's a lot to take in! But you can share your thoughts in the forums.

EvoLuTioN's photo
EvoLuTioN 8th November, 2012 @ 20:31 - Permalink

Wasn't a fan of the game having three playable characters, but the sheer massiveness of the game makes it seem like 3 GTAs in one.

Blur's photo
Blur 8th November, 2012 @ 20:47 - Permalink

Just had a mini heart attack. Holy sh&t!!

Gaz_14's photo
Gaz_14 8th November, 2012 @ 21:04 - Permalink

What I enjoyed most about IV was the interconnectedness of the characters, looks like this will do it on a whole new level. Admittedly at first I was worried about 3 characters, but after reading the article, I have full confidence in R* and I know this game will blow minds everywhere !!!!

Excited to see what 'situations' you catch characters in when you leave them unattended :D

Multi-tiered bank heists. Win.

JustADummy's photo
JustADummy 8th November, 2012 @ 21:06 - Permalink

I'm literally fucking mindblown. This game is going to be the pinnacle of GTA, the scale of the map, the multiple protagonists thing which I like... just amazing.

Jezz Torrent's photo
Jezz Torrent 8th November, 2012 @ 21:12 - Permalink

Upload some screens!!

Scott.'s photo
Scott. 8th November, 2012 @ 22:46 - Permalink

It is all going to kick off in a big way when this is looks amazing! I like the idea of 3 protag's, I LOVE how huge they say the map is going to be, think most of us are going to get lost, there wont be any knowing every street off by heart like in Vice and SA! Cannot wait!

misery89's photo
misery89 8th November, 2012 @ 23:48 - Permalink

** Thanks for the screenshots!!! Amazing

Huckleberry Pie's photo
Huckleberry Pie 9th November, 2012 @ 01:07 - Permalink

The multiple playable characters concept sounds like a 'swell idea to me. And I like the fact that they went for the parallel storylines direction, just as what American Girl did with Cécile and Marie-Grace.

amazingdude's photo
amazingdude 9th November, 2012 @ 02:19 - Permalink

Don't know how much will the "multiple protagonist" idea would suit me but the screenshots are Hellamazing.

josef8's photo
josef8 9th November, 2012 @ 02:37 - Permalink

mmmm I'm kinda afraid of the three playable characters... well, Rockstar never dissapoints.

Noru's photo
Noru 9th November, 2012 @ 03:34 - Permalink

That was a nice read. I'm liking the idea of three protagonists you can play as anytime, They took the GTA IV concept with Niko, Johnny and Lois and evolved to something much more interesting. When it says when your not in control of a character and they go about their daily business, I wonder if we can run into them playing as another protag.

BlackListedB's photo
BlackListedB 9th November, 2012 @ 10:17 - Permalink

Over a year, I've been paying attention to GTA V news since June or July 2011, and even then, nothing had been said about the next GTA other then possible locations, a leak or hint about it being in California, Vinewood turned out to be wholly accurate, as well as multiple protagonists, this rumor was never confirmed or denied by Rockstar officially, but here you have it folks....always keep sleuthing, because not all of it is fiction! Remember those YouTube videos of supposed builds for the game? The graphics here suggest that part of GTA is pretty similar to GTA IV, not much refinement for console video, now for PC..... Who knows, will GTA V be a Direct X 11 game???

Speaking on the console release, Still no one seems to have posted about how this will be delivered, one or two DVD ROMs for XB360, as you know, drew some complaints earlier.

One rumor had the protagonists at 5, versus 3....odd that. Also, no word on CJ, but I imagine being the GTA IV universe, as mentioned, CJ and the San An of old exists in an alternate plane of existence

I bet Volition feel like Mitt Romney did this week! hahahaha (The Saints Row guys)

Dmac's photo
Dmac 9th November, 2012 @ 15:10 - Permalink

The map is larger than Red Dead Redemption, San Andreas and GTA IV combined? Wow... just wow.

TUN3R's photo
TUN3R 9th November, 2012 @ 15:11 - Permalink

COMET! :D Wait... snap out of it, remember it's stll a Rockstar game...

BlackListedB's photo
BlackListedB 10th November, 2012 @ 09:24 - Permalink

Still a Rockstar game, well... With Aaron Garbut and the North people, you can tell this game will differ from Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar San Diego, but no matter, being massive compensates for the lesser graphical approach, still RDR has some of the best visuals the 360 Xbox has ever mustered, and still no PC version, makes little sense to me, but that's how it is at present. I think Rockstar could and may still cater to the PC gamers, but the main thing is that RAGE and Euphoria were written for console game production, and the marketing going toward that demographic is based on sure footed sales. People buy consoles specifically for gaming, they just don't do that for PCs, however one might think otherwise, the modern PC is better equipped then ever for gaming, but it's 10 times the cost of console gaming.... a distinct disadvantage, and also despite argument, as soon as you buy that modern gaming PC, it's depreciating, it's already old in a few months time.

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