CVG Interview Rockstar North's Imran Sarwar

By Chris | 10th Jul 2013 at 17:21 GMT in GTA V | 4 Comments

CVG have managed to get an extremely rare audio interview with Imran Sarwar, Producer and Lead Mission Designer on GTAV at Rockstar North. Today's episode of their GTA5 O'clock show touched on a few details that were not previously mentioned in yesterday's previews by Game Informer. Below is a quick summary of interesting points from the interview, but you can listen to the whole thing by playing the YouTube video.

  • Custom cars that you can no longer drive (for example if its tyres have been shot out) will no longer disappear - instead they will be taken to an impound lot. You can pay a fine to retrieve your vehicle.
  • You don't lose weapons if they run out of ammo, they stay with you for the duration of the game.
  • Hand-to-hand and melee combat has also received a huge overhaul. There is now no need to lock on to an enemy and it will feel a lot more free flowing.
  • "Hits are much more satisfying" and "you can really feel the crunch"
  • Each character has unique fighting animations
  • Your strength stat for each character affects your capability when fighting
  • Your shooting stat affects how steady your aim is, how much ammo you can carry
  • Destruction/damage has been greatly improved and there are plenty more destructive scenes
  • You will be able to shoot a vehicle's gas tank, drive the car into a group of enemies, then run away then set the trail of petrol on fire to blow up the car and enemies
  • AI react to how you play, and different enemies will work differently (SWAT will be organised, attempt to flank etc. while gang members will be more gung ho and disorganised)
  • Climbing has been improved considerably
  • You'll be able to position the three protagonists in fire fights (make one a sniper, another providing cover etc.)

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BlackListedB 11th July, 2013 @ 04:03 - Permalink

Some are required changes, one can safely say, given the cars of GTA past, and weapons, were far more disposable and LOST conveniently due to the AI being what it is, technically, unable to keep all things in memory from a hardware (and software) standpoint. This is still being done with the same hardware, keep in mind, so software changes account for any improvements for storing and the game remembering things, it's key to remember since it's part of the argument as well, about taking so long making one game, AND using the same old hardware, if it comes to new consoles, it will be most likely emulating the current ones and not showing off any new hardware prowess.


This is good news, obviously, but I want to emphasize the improvements do reflect on the prior GTA and the same consoles and how that time evolving has come about, it's a good yardstick unlike if we went from one GTA to another batch of consoles, or compared portable to home versions, to PC version, etc.


On another angle, the multiple protagonist ONSCREEN OSD if you will, shows four locations for character busts to appear, we know the main three, but I'm still wondering why there's four, and what it means to have more then one illuminated at a given time, but that's most likely happening in a 'fire-fight' situation where you quickly need access to switch to a given character's perspective. The red dots are obvious enemies on the HUD map and their flanking, but I would find it just a BIT confusing that the HUD tried to take on a 3D perspective at times, and other times seems quite traditionally 2D

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Chris 11th July, 2013 @ 21:29 - Permalink

I think it was revealed in an preview a month or so ago (can't remember which one exactly) that the 4th segment would be your multiplayer avatar so you could jump straight into a MP game.

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Huckleberry Pie 12th July, 2013 @ 01:42 - Permalink

I think it was revealed in an preview a month or so ago (can't remember which one exactly) that the 4th segment would be your multiplayer avatar so you could jump straight into a MP game.


Hence the 80 days placeholder in lieu of the MP avatar. I also feel that the character switch mechanic would give GTA V a bit of a RTS feel to it, given that the wrong move or switch would be deadly in a mission.

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BlackListedB 14th July, 2013 @ 22:39 - Permalink

It's funny that his name doesn't ring a bell, for me anyway, but I always look the GTA booklet over to see if I recognize familiar names from GTA's previous staff, and those who've been allowed to speak in the press about GTA at different times. Always wonder why they eventually became silent again.


Wonder if seeing the four character icon during standard play offline might mean control of that character used in MP or one of the hired help as you take on larger, complex missions. Remember in Lost and Damned, you had some accountability for AI characters fighting alongside you in pitched gang battles, this would be somewhat similar again, I believe, and their availability and skills would be lost if they die for any reason! It does provide even more questions as to how you approach things, but one thing always improving in many ways with GTA is open ended strategy for completing tasks, there's never one hard and fast way, and the narration of the gamesplay reveal even suggests at least two tactics for going into missions, loud and dumb, for fun, rush in ready for gunplay, or strategize more thought-out, and careful execution. I don't think it will be entirely open to your own choices, but it will free up a few options you can choose

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