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By Chris | 16th Aug 2013 at 22:48 GMT in GTA V | 5 Comments

X360A, source of pretty much every game's achievements leaks ever, has once again given us the goods with the full list of Grand Theft Auto V achievements, which you can go ahead and read on their site if you don't mind being spoiled a little. There are a total of 49 achievements, 11 of which are secret. Of course we can't confirm these to be 100% true yet, but the fact they have the full list complete with images and descriptions suggest they are indeed hidden away on somewhere. We think it would be far too much effort for someone to fake all that for the sake of extra pageviews, especially as we're now only a month away from release, chances are these would be revealed in the next couple of weeks anyway.

There are a few interesting achievements on the list to do with things we've heard absolutely nothing about. Stop reading this post right now if you don't want to read some spoilers...
Spoilers Ahead

You've been warned...


  • Find and collect all spaceship parts - Is it too farfetched to believe we'll be able to fly a spaceship? Who knows, this is Rockstar we're talking about.
  • Solve the mystery of Leonora Johnson - A new name to us, no doubt a lot of you will now try to find a way to link this with CJ's family from San Andreas. Worth noting that GTAV is not in the same universe as San Andreas and no major characters make a return - but that's not to say there won't be a few homages to previous games and/or characters.
  • Nuclear waste means there's a nuclear power plant in the game - that should be interesting.
  • Rampages are back
  • Multiplayer character levels go up to 100
  • There's a rally mode online and you can be the driver or co-driver.
  • How well you complete each mission will determine if you get a gold medal or (presumably) bronze or silver if you don't do so well
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Blur 16th August, 2013 @ 23:16 - Permalink

F***ing Xbox, well I guess this was inevitable. Haven't seen the full list, but they sound really creative, classic Rockstar.


The medals are from Red Dead Redemption right? You could replay any mission you completed and each mission was given a ranking.

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Chris 17th August, 2013 @ 00:44 - Permalink

Yeah I'm pretty sure we'll see a similar implementation.

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NabeelFarooqui9000 17th August, 2013 @ 03:35 - Permalink

Awesome, spaceship?

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Blur 17th August, 2013 @ 05:01 - Permalink

This whole achievement thing reminded me how it sucks for the moderators/admins not only on TGTAP, but on the other fansites as well, to have the game spoiled for you in order to ensure the forums are spoiler free. I won't be sticking around once the game is in the wild, but we appreciate the job you guys have to do. Thanks

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BlackListedB 17th August, 2013 @ 12:44 - Permalink

We know not everything that's an Achievement (XBL version of Trophies! haha) is visible even via the game menu, those secret ones I believe expected to be uncovered during game play, if you got it from another player, it's some form of cheating in my book! 


@Blur, there were medals issued based on how you did in the training schools of the original Renderware based San Andreas, so at least from a GTA perspective.


You could replay Ballad of Gay Tony missions for improvements in several key categories, though not exactly the same thing

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