Bill Clinton likes his Hot Coffee!

By Adriaan | 18th Jul 2005 at 13:37 GMT in San Andreas | 4 Comments

<img src="" width="100" height="137" border="1" align="left">"Oh yes! Look at that!" said former President of the United States Bill Clinton when he played GTA San Andreas with the hot coffee mod installed. Now that’s what I’m talking about!” said Clinton, as he deftly manipulated the joystick. “Woo-hooo! How’d you like a little cream with that?” Clinton ended the game shortly thereafter. “That’s the most bad-ass game I’ve ever played. No wonder Hillary is all up-in-arms. That’s the most fun I’ve had since…well…since a week or two at least. That game is sick! I give it my thumbs up-way up.” To read the full article and more spoof visit the ever so popular TheSpoof!

Also something great that some of you may have seen on the web in the past few hours is that a kid posted a few images of him playing with the Xbox 360 over at the Gamespot Forums. He claims that his dad just started working at Microsoft as a "Regulatory Compliance Manager"..... what he doesn’t know is that he most likely costed his father's job! The kid literaly begged the forum moderators to delete the topic, but the images can still be found over here.

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nickchico 6th August, 2005 @ 10:30 - Permalink


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Leprekon 6th August, 2005 @ 17:45 - Permalink

Clinton later said, "I did not make sexual relations with that game."

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Dave1 6th August, 2005 @ 17:50 - Permalink

SO we got a former president on our side??

friggin awesome!

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Ride_The_Lightning 6th August, 2005 @ 19:41 - Permalink

Great. The female of the Clinton house is on our side. I feel so secure.

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