O.A.P Wants To Sue Rockstar!

By Chris | 28th Jul 2005 at 17:50 GMT in San Andreas | 12 Comments

Well if there was ever a time you had to laugh over the Hot Coffee fiasco this is it.

Florence Cohen, 85, of New York, said in the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan that the game's manufacturer, Rockstar Games, and its parent company, New York-based Take Two Interactive Software Inc., engaged in false, misleading and deceptive practices.

An 85 year old grandmother wants to sue Rockstar after she bought the game for her underage 14 year old grandson. Because she didn't know it contained sex and violence. Now it clearly says on the back of the box "strong sexual content". And her grandson is underage anyway even when it was rated M for mature - people over the age of 17, therefore she hasn't got a hope in hell of winning the case.

It's obvious from the words "grand", "theft" and "auto" that you can commit crimes in the game. So presumably this was all OK with her beforehand. It just doesn't make sense, some people really amaze me with their stupidity. Mrs. Cohen is one of them.

Source: CNN

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Dave1 28th July, 2005 @ 18:05 - Permalink

Pyro all i can say is...what the fuck is wrong with people.

Its not rockstars fault the hot coffee mod was discovered...

I just dont understand why everyone gives so much shit about the hot coffee mod... Damn I would hate to be the guy who made that mod.

And its just game sex...not even real so who gives a damn

Ive seen nudity mods in vice city are they gona ao that next?? ugh.....-

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Ghostchild 28th July, 2005 @ 21:41 - Permalink

Well, this is just down right stupid! But I've heared alot of stupid things coming through the court system in the states so I won't say there's no chance this can work. But, of course, I have just heared storys that have ben past from millions of poeple so the stories might have been altered alittle bit..

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chris82 29th July, 2005 @ 00:10 - Permalink

Wow! Her plan is so smart, it's retarded. Hot Coffee can't be accessed on PS2 without Action Replay. Even if her kid did have AR, she claims false marketing on Rockstar's part. On the ads there are clearly strippers, casinos, car chases with police, car jacking, suggestive music, grafiti writing, gun shooting, more gun shooting, knife fights, and women, plus swearing, all in the 3 commercials for the PS2 versions and commericial for the XBox/PC version.

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Oscar 29th July, 2005 @ 02:40 - Permalink

Ok, seriously, that is getting more stupid every single day, read the games name "Grand Theft Auto", you expect a lot of bad things with that name, you know is not recommended for people under 17, now under 18, if you cant read the box because is there, then dont complain.

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the_one 29th July, 2005 @ 09:39 - Permalink

Damn!! so whats wrong when 14 year old plays san andreas. CĀ“mon let the guy play san andreas long as he dont mimic the actions of the game!! :pissedred:

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PeeWee 29th July, 2005 @ 10:44 - Permalink

arghhh that dumb piece of wrinkly shit rockstar is great cant sue it

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Chris 29th July, 2005 @ 12:57 - Permalink

From WikiPedia:

Motor vehicle theft is a crime of theft. This is generally understood to refer to the stealing of automobiles, buses, motorcycles, snowmobiles, trucks, and the like; but not to aircraft, boats, bulldozers, and spacecraft.

In almost all jurisdictions, theft of a motor vehicle is punishable as a felony due to the extreme emotional and economic distress it causes to the victim and to society.

The crime is commonly charged under the name "grand theft auto" in the U.S.

As you can see it's all in the name, I can understand British people not realising that "grand theft auto" is a crime because it doesn't have a name over here. But every American should know that it is. Considering the ONLY things you see on your news channels are to do with violence and crime.

Grand Theft Aero is stealing aircraft

Grand Theft Aqua (lol) is probably what they call stealing aquatic vehicles (boats)

Grand Theft....nah who's gonna steal a spacecraft anyway, they obviously don't even need a term to define it.

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Noodle Pudding 29th July, 2005 @ 14:00 - Permalink

Me, I am going to steal an aircraft. I am just gonna be floating in space till one passes then I'm gonna break into the airlock. Ok, Chris, I have noticed something. These people are not stupid they are just money hungry. Wait they are stupid for thinking they could win the case, but it was a valiant effort because of all the bad press on the game. They had like a 50 to 1 chance of winning. Anyways, these people are just trying to sue something to make money. Like all of those mothers in the Michael Jackson trial. I bet Jacko is just a little wierd and wants deep inside to preserve his own childhood, I bet he didnt touch one little kid.

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Chris 29th July, 2005 @ 14:27 - Permalink

Ok I don't want to take this off topic but...

If you were a paedophile - you'd have somethin special for the kids wouldn't you? Neverland?

I know if I was a paedophile that would be a dream come true because you'd get so many kids wanting to play there...

Anyway, back on topic, I still think it's stupid trying to sue Rockstar, it wouldn't matter if they were sued anyway, they make such huge profits.

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Righty 29th July, 2005 @ 17:03 - Permalink

Rockstar's GTA = Free Money

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mvi 29th July, 2005 @ 17:26 - Permalink

I mean you say that chris, but if you ask the majority of teens they'll know what grand tehft auto is. And how come grand theft aqua isn't stealing water

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smallpancake 31st July, 2005 @ 12:35 - Permalink

This is what gets me:

Earlier this week, the House voted 355-21 for a resolution asking the FTC to investigate the company. Last week, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-New York, asked the FTC to investigate Rockstar, saying the company had "gamed the ratings system" by concealing sex scenes in the game that can be unlocked by computer programs available on the Internet.

She's such an idiot.

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