Official LCS Site Update! Release Date Revealed

By Chris | 10th Sep 2005 at 00:30 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 8 Comments

Rockstar just emailed us to say the official site for Liberty City Stories has just been updated with screens and teaser videos.

The official site contains "emails" with information on characters and new screens, and also the trailer to feast your eyes on. The game will be released in North America on October 25th.

Expect a huge overhaul of LCS content on The GTA Place over the weekend. We've added all the Screenshots to the site. At the official site you can view the trailer in either Windows Media or QuickTime.

Tomorrow we'll be updating all our content pages with much more comprehensive stuff.

Also check out the hilarious teaser sites at C.U.N.T,, PauliesRevue, Lips106

FreeCoq is still not used, neither is bathtubginstill, and NewMarketingReadThis is parked on the AmmuNation site.

The official Grand Theft Auto website has also been updated with a nice new shiny flash intro with links to all the GTA games, very nice indeed.

Oh and finally, IGN have a little preview with some new screenshots which we'll have for you soon.

Gerard's photo
Gerard 10th September, 2005 @ 00:38 - Permalink

Wow we're the first fansite to post it, that's a pretty fast update Chris (again) :P

Steven's photo
Steven 10th September, 2005 @ 02:34 - Permalink
Wow we're the first fansite to post it, that's a pretty fast update Chris (again) :P

lol :P awesome news, i've looked at almost everything and im impressed. But i really dont like the soundtrack that much. :erm:

Plo Koon's photo
Plo Koon 10th September, 2005 @ 04:28 - Permalink

good news you posted again chris I am really looking forward for LCS now. :dribble:

Spaz The Great's photo
Spaz The Great 10th September, 2005 @ 05:50 - Permalink
Wow we're the first fansite to post it, that's a pretty fast update Chris (again) :P

But you only beat GTAWH by a meer couple minutes. That's if IPB's clock and calendar are to be trusted((Which, BTW, I never trust it.)). :D

Awesome news, though. Love it, just love it. The trailer, is fuckin' awesome. Reminds me so much of GTA3. I can't wait!

888ball's photo
888ball 10th September, 2005 @ 09:33 - Permalink

That is amazing, ive just finished watchin the trailer on my PSP, oh my god!

Chris's photo
Chris 10th September, 2005 @ 12:50 - Permalink

Is everyone else like really hyped up about it now?

LOL I'm still laughing at all the funny stuff Rockstar have doen with the sites, it's exactly the sort of thing I would do ROFL

tommy vercetti guy's photo
tommy vercetti guy 10th September, 2005 @ 13:42 - Permalink

In the part when the boat hits the docks and the barrels blow up, does anyone else hear a Rustler flying by in the background?

Chris's photo
Chris 10th September, 2005 @ 15:56 - Permalink


It's in slow motion, that's the boats engine you hear.

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