Online Andreas Reloaded 2.0

By Chris | 15th Sep 2005 at 00:04 GMT in San Andreas | 3 Comments

One of the lesser publicised online San Andreas mods has had a second version released with many features. The guys at AlienX Software worked hard on this and the synching is pretty good on this one so give them a try. This version has:

- Totally 100% Syncd Vehicle Blocks

- Vehicles are now located around the whole map

- Default OA Setup has 4 spawn points!

- LOADS of Vehicles!

- Server-Side script support

- Faster Sync

- New Passenger Support (Totally Awesome I Might Add)

- Server Updates

- Client Updates

- Auto-Update System

- Help System Finished

- Client/Server Netcode Update

- Timeout System Totally Rewritten

- Minor Tweaks To Client And Server

- IRC Admin System

- Splash Screens (Random Images)

- RCON Admin System (Still Being Made, But Some Of It Works)

You can see more info on in game commands on the download page, download Online Andreas Reloaded 2.0 from our database and comment here and let us know how it plays.

eawofo's photo
eawofo 15th September, 2005 @ 13:23 - Permalink

Amm, I'm having troubles getting to work, it says a certain file is outdated, but I have heard that people can play fine, so I'm lookin forward ;)

martin88's photo
martin88 26th September, 2005 @ 18:52 - Permalink

Having trouble running it.

I've updated it, and it always timesoutstraight away when I access the server list.

There is that link to some sort of file (gta.ocx) but I dont know what to do with it, or where it goes.

any help?

mvi's photo
mvi 26th September, 2005 @ 18:56 - Permalink

That was out ages ago, I'd pretty much forgotten about it because it's not fun or synced

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