Multiplayer News Round-up

By Chris | 14th Feb 2006 at 13:47 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments

Just a round-up of the past weeks news in multiplayer San Andreas. I had a rather busy week just gone so haven't been able to update much.

First of all Multi Theft Auto. The team recently celebrated their 3rd birthday, not long after ours. On foot synchronisation is coming along well, they say swimming, shooting and getting in and out of cars is now all synced too. In the highly anticipated Deathmatch mode we should see a similar kind of maps system as we currently have in Race mode. A new feature to Deathmatch will be player respawning, so you no longer have to wait for everyone else to finish before you can play again. Passengers in cars will be available as it was in MTAVC.

You can read in more detail about any of these improvements on the MTA Blog.

There's not as much news about SA-MP but they did release some video footage of what they have so far, you can watch these over at the SA-MP website.

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