Take2 Press Release & Conference Call Updates

By Chris | 7th Mar 2006 at 22:30 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 1 Comment

Earlier today Take2Games published their latest press release, and the conference call has just finished.

In the press release, we can confirm Liberty City Stories has an almost certain release date of 28th April, an exact date wasn't given but...

...and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories for PlayStation 2, planned for release in late April...

Take2 also re-confirmed that a new GTA PSP title is due out this year, presumably in October, it still remains titleless.

And in 2007, sequels have been confirmed for "several of Rockstar's most successful franchises". We can presume one of these would be another Grand Theft Auto title, at least that's what we're all hoping for.

We'll keep you posted on any further announcements on a next gen GTA game.

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Righty 8th March, 2006 @ 11:24 - Permalink

One last GTA Game for PS2? That's awesome.

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