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Multiplayer Updates

By Chris | 9th Mar 2006 at 21:39 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments

Here's an update on the two big multiplayer mods for San Andreas, seeing as there's nothing else interesting to post about, yet.

First of all MTA. They've been working on hard on Race 1.1, and also the long awaited DeathMatch, and while the latter is still being worked on, Race 1.1 is apparently nearly ready for release, the QA team are ironing out the remaning bugs. New features include respawning, improved anti-cheat, and replay last map, amongst other enhancements

Meanwhile over at the SA-MP camp, they're working on porting as many single player features as they can to multiplayer.

They include Pay 'n Sprays, Ammunations, gambling, vending machines, buying food, and car mod shops (Car mod shops will probably make it into the final cake). Some of the aspects are not fully synced, such as the animation of the clerks handing you food, but that's going to be worked on.

You can read the latest news on these on the MTA Blog and SA-MP Blog.

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