Rescue the little green men

By Switch Designs | 24th Mar 2006 at 23:58 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments

If someone was to ask me what my most favorite GTA modification was out of everything I have made so far this one modification would be it.

We can all admit that as addicting as the mini arcade game Let's get ready to bumble is to play in GTA San Andreas, it's simply a very non attractive game. The concept of flying a bee around picking flowers off of leafs and trying to avoid spiky vines in my opinion kinda sucks. Who really wants to fly a bee around collecting flowers while playing GTA San Andreas. So I made something that's a bit more fun to look at and alot more fun to play too.

This mod will change your Let's get ready to bumble arcade minigame into a brand new minigame called Rescue The Little Green Men. I've also managed to retexture the model of the arcade machine to match thanks to the help of pdescobar for locating the arcade machines model textures.

In this minigame you get to fly a small ufo that spins through space with one mission in mind, rescuing the little green men before time runs out and they all die with out killing yourself by crashing the rescue ship into all the space junk floating in orbit around the Earth.


Download the mod here

I've also added some preview images of the game too.


Playing game

Dead ship

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