Weebls Stuff Comical GTA4 Preview

By Chris | 6th Jul 2006 at 18:29 GMT in GTA IV | 5 Comments

Bizunth over at Weebls-Stuff has put up an amusing preview of GTA4. They're going for a fictional city based on London, avoiding any clichés.

The key thing here is realism. True Britishness. You'll be able to happy-slap random pedestrians, with a photo being saved to your memory card each time. The city will be covered in bird crap. You won't be able to get a signal on the radio stations going through tunnels, and if you do you can bet they'll be playing the same song all day. A minigame involving the Queen's vagina has been removed due to the recent Hot Coffee debacle.

Gang hand signals are replaced with rhyming slang, the respect meter is replaced by a dial showing how much you love your mum. Even prostitutes won't just get in your car straight away, you'll have to find their card in a red phone box, give them a call and arrange a meeting time and place, and hope that you aren't beaten up by a Russian man in a tracksuit...

There's loads more amusing details of course, so for a hilarious read during this slow news week, head over to Weebls-Stuff to read their satirical preview.

Thanks to Gerard for this link.

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Artur 7th July, 2006 @ 17:49 - Permalink

That was hilarious. Pretty good ideas but it's not real (that doesn't mean we can't laugh about it). They really went creative and I hope R* does the same, in a serious kind of way ofcourse. Good find Gerard and thanks Chris for posting it!

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PHRobertson 7th July, 2006 @ 19:23 - Permalink

Absolute genius, especially that last bit about the radio stations...

There will be 10 radio stations in the game but you will barely be able to hear any of them as the signal disappears if you go into a tunnel or near any tall buildings, and when you do get them they’ll only play the same bloody song 20 times an hour. James Blunt, you ruined my life

Amen to that. Bloody Radio One...

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Slayer 7th July, 2006 @ 19:57 - Permalink

Well, it was rather interesting thing to read.

TheTrekman's photo
TheTrekman 10th July, 2006 @ 00:33 - Permalink

I must say that while it was mostly for fun, that article had some very interesting ideas that I wouldn't mind seeing in a real GTA game

tilly's photo
tilly 10th July, 2006 @ 00:35 - Permalink

yeah like the black cabby.

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