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By Gerard | 29th Jul 2006 at 21:42 GMT in General | 14 Comments

To get the GTA community all working together again, a few members from this site and other fan sites have decided that a great way to do this would be to have a dedicated website where anyone can add content. And so, without further ado, we are proud to announce the launch of Grand Theft Wiki - a free content-based GTA site that anybody can edit. A collaboration between multiple GTA communities.

We are using the same software as the famous Wikipedia, so many of you will be familiar with how a wiki works.

The idea of a wiki is that it is community built. Any passer-by can edit a page to correct a spelling or a missed date, or even contribute an entire article of their own. We encourage people to register and login (for free) so they can be recognised for their efforts and be a part of the GTW community. All the content will come from the community - we aren't copying it off sites or getting it fed to us from Rockstar or anything - it is built by you.

That of course means that we need people to contribute to make it a comprehensive database of everything everybody knows about GTA. When there are a lot of detailed articles, it will be useful and interesting for everybody.

You can visit the site just to read up as much as is known about Kent Paul, or which real-life cars the Cheetah and Infernus are built on. If you know something that isn't on the wiki, simply hit Edit and add it.

The plan is to fill it up with every scrap of information about the GTA games, their vehicles, characters, locations, storylines, developers and publisher, as well as adding in a lot of information about modding, and even a GTA4 Wishlist.

Pages are constantly being added as you read this. Bear with us while we get an acceptable level of content on there, and feel free to assist us by adding necessary pages.

We need your help to make this project the best resouce for GTA information. Anybody that knows anything about GTA please click edit and help us out. If everybody does that just a bit, then you might find quite a bit of it useful.

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Scott. 29th July, 2006 @ 21:44 - Permalink

This sounds a great way to get GTA info. So I think this would be a great. I'm gunna sign up. Great Idea.

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Gerard 29th July, 2006 @ 21:49 - Permalink

Great :) Don't forget to edit some stuff, because we really need content now.

If you aren't quite sure how stuff works, the links on the Main Page are useful.

The things we need the most help on are the Most Wanted Pages that are linked to but don't exist.

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Chris 29th July, 2006 @ 22:33 - Permalink

Ok so we're gonna do our best to get as many people collaborating on this as possible. I'll speak to some webmasters right now, see what sort of response we get...

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Pandora 31st July, 2006 @ 20:18 - Permalink

Is it only for gta, or can you even post other (game) content?

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K_P 31st July, 2006 @ 20:24 - Permalink

I think its just GTA games........

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chris82 31st July, 2006 @ 21:03 - Permalink

I'm contributing now. I like the way MediaWiki formats things.

Yes, only GTA, but remember, you can create or edit articles about anything relating to GTA, and that includes mods, tools, and anything somehow related to GTA.

But be sure to check if the article is already created before you start to type out something someone already did!

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Pandora 1st August, 2006 @ 06:34 - Permalink

Ok, I c. Sounds nice. Not that I'm planning to, but is there a hot coffee talk ban? And you also can post mods hu? So if you typ at search bmw, you'll get all those car mods of bmw...

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Sherman 1st August, 2006 @ 07:13 - Permalink
Ok, I c. Sounds nice. Not that I'm planning to, but is there a hot coffee talk ban? And you also can post mods hu? So if you typ at search bmw, you'll get all those car mods of bmw...

Yeah, possbibly I suppose. Depends on who works on the section and how they go about doing it.

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Gerard 1st August, 2006 @ 13:36 - Permalink

Almost everything about hot coffee should be kept on the hot coffee article page or its discussion page. The only other places it should be mentioned are where you mention controverty, jack thompson, or on a general modding page.

At the moment, we will only allow pages for a small number of big and well known mods, eg Hot Coffee, SAMP, MTA, EdisonCarter's Cheat Devices etc. Maybe in the future we can incorporate a list of mods or the "best" mods of each type, or simply some examples of mods that you can get.

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tminus 4th August, 2006 @ 20:55 - Permalink

I have been advocating the need for a GTA wiki at gtadomain for a while now. After doing many complex articles and FAQs in the gtadomain forums, it became apparent to me that we needed a complete GTA knowledge base while working on the LCS FAQ. Every GTA site, including the wikipedia articles, are comprehensive but not complete. Now I can stop whining about it and just contribute to GTW! Of course it would seem that I was only one of many to arrive at this same point in time and space, and I am very excited to begin working on it as well as discussing future innovations. Not sure exactly who got the ball rolling, is it Gerard, Chris, Xenon? Either way, it F-N rocks! Thankyou. See you at the wiki. :)

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Gerard 5th August, 2006 @ 13:22 - Permalink

Its my site get yer mits of it :P

Glad to know that so many people think its a good idea, and I'll be even happier if they turn that into many decent contributions on the site. Red links are the places to start.

I'm both Gerard and Xenon by the way.

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Slayer 5th August, 2006 @ 14:23 - Permalink
Its my site get yer mits of it :P

Oh, is that the reason why you resigned to be the admin on TGTAP?

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MatthewCorleone 18th September, 2006 @ 21:58 - Permalink

thats a great site. had some info I didnt even know!

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Gerard 18th September, 2006 @ 23:05 - Permalink
Oh, is that the reason why you resigned to be the admin on TGTAP?
These days I'm kinda wishing I'd made a resignation topic, rather than people guessing.

I stepped down from thegtaplace (not the wiki) for several reasons. One being that I'd got a full-time job and couldn't be online everyday (that has now passed); another reason being that I'd set up several other sites (grand theft wiki, msforums etc) and didn't have the same amount of time to devote to tgtap. The other reason is that tgtap was going in a different direction, with Chris being online more and the gang system making a comeback, and a lot of people were criticising my clinical style of running the place (or was it just the fact that i was running the place?).

Anyways I stepped down and a lot of inactive supermods got a shock when they realised nobody was actually doing any moderation anymore. Hopefully me leaving will have helped them all to get their act together and get working. I'm still available if theres a spam attack or anything silly, and I do like this place and I do enjoy moderating it. I just don't think I should be running the place anymore.

The Wiki is still going strong by the way, so be sure to visit.

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