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PSM2's latest mag confirms a lot of information on San Andreas, i'll try an dpost it all here. This is all 100% confirmed by them, they had a hands on preview of a playable demo. Some of it we already know but i'll post it all anyway. I've basically picked out all the important stuff.


Radio Stations: SF-UR, Flash FM, Hit Radio and K-Jah West FM

Genres: Country, Rock, Funk/Soul, Reggae House, Alternative and Hip Hop


FCR 900 bike

Monster Truck

ZR350 Sports Car

Dodo (full winged)

Quad Bike


School Bus

Golf car

Low Rider Mustang






Cement Mixer

NRG 500 bike

Tow Trucks


Knuckle Duster

12 Gauge Shotgun

Rocket Launcher


Uzi 9mm (twin handed)

Colt .45

M-16 Assault Rifle


Ingram Mac 10

Chrome Shotgun

Misc Cool things

Unlike previous gta games where cars would magically dissappear, the cops will sometimes impound your car however you can go and steal it back if you want it

You'll end up having garages all over the map

You can hijack Tow Trucks and tow peoples cars around whether they like it or not

Mission Names


New Model Army

Back to School

Los Santos:


Reuniting the Families


There will be a large desert


Rockstar have already revealed some humourous puns:

The airline called "Juank Air" (pronounce it with an English accent and you'll get it.... Wan kair... Wanker) If your still lost go and learn English

The car customization garage called "Transfender" meaning to change fender(Transgender if you still dont get it...)

Shop called "Hippy Shopper" (Happy shopper used to be a Newsagent here in England)

Motion blur is on the cars when driving fast round corners

100+ missions

it takes over 150 hours to complete


At Transfender you can customize the following:

Car colour


Front Bumper (costs 0)

Rear Bumper





Nitrous Oxide

it doesn't make your better performance wise but it will boost up your respect meter, although the Nitrous can be activated by pressing X and O.


Each city will have its own unique gym

Los Santos gym is like a traditional boxing club where you can practise punch combos and hit the bags

Las Venturas gym is where you can learn roughneck street fighting moves

Cobra Martial Arts is a Japanese style dojo where you can learn new moves, in San Fierro and is the home of martial arts

drop heel kick is one of the moves you can learn here

you can also learn a running front kick and a roundhouse kick

The Triads

For a start this gang seems to be the only 'real-life' gang in the game so far, the others are just based on other gangs

Wu Zi Mu (Wuzi to his friends) is the leader, he is blind, hence the guy holding his arm in the artwork

One of his missions 'The Da Nang Thang' involves freeing some immigrants trapped in a tanker by the bay.


You press X to crawl and O to dive (the screen goes all wobbly when you do so)

You have a breath meter which increases as you practise more


Silent stealth kills

Dangling from ledges and pulling yourself up

Hopping over railings

blocking moves

Finally some proof that Rockstar read message boards and listen to the fans, a quote from Rockstar's US PR Chief Jeff Castaneda when interviewed by PSM2

"Their priority is the fans... They love reading message boards and getting feedback."

There are loads of screens in the mag sogo out and buy it (£3.99) im not sure which ones are new but i'll post them later maybe.

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smartboy4 27th August, 2004 @ 06:06 - Permalink

Yay FLASH FM is back :P And it's good vehicles don't disappear :D

GTA SA FREAK's photo
GTA SA FREAK 27th August, 2004 @ 11:02 - Permalink

yeh but only cars that u have driven wont disapear. the other cars still will disappear. :bashhead:

smartboy4's photo
smartboy4 27th August, 2004 @ 11:18 - Permalink

How do you know? It isn't in the list .

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