Two New Teaser Sites

By Chris | 2nd Oct 2004 at 10:53 GMT in San Andreas | 7 Comments

Rockstar just emailed us to tell us about the new Postcards they have put on the official site. You can check out these new postcards of Los Santos and San Fierro here - San Andreas Desktop page

This comes with two brand new teaser sites:


Forgotten Legends of West Coast Rap

glitch's photo
glitch 2nd October, 2004 @ 12:33 - Permalink

that OG song is very umm... errr... sh*t!

illitrate23's photo
illitrate23 3rd October, 2004 @ 18:01 - Permalink

omg!! that exorbeo site just cracks me up - that's well funny

i used to have the handheld game that they must have based that on - some kinda space invaders game it was, looked almost exactly like the exsorbeo but square edges and a slightly bigger screen. well funny

and i think the OG song sounding pants, well i think that's the point

Chris's photo
Chris 3rd October, 2004 @ 18:26 - Permalink

hmm, maybe candy suxx will use the eXsorbeo as a dildo, since that is what it basically is, and the pink one even vibrates! Wow have liek t3h triple 0rgasm

SpiderJay's photo
SpiderJay 3rd October, 2004 @ 20:19 - Permalink

That would only be possible if R* brought back Jenna Jameson. Unless they intend to put the alleged Carmen to do the elder version of ms. Suxxx..


Chris's photo
Chris 3rd October, 2004 @ 20:49 - Permalink

i guess we'll have to wait and see

person123's photo
person123 3rd October, 2004 @ 22:29 - Permalink

lol its a ----- roflmao i cant stop laughing and that one eyed monster...dont even get me started

what the hell pen!s is censord :blink:

Corporate_Nothing's photo
Corporate_Nothing 4th October, 2004 @ 02:59 - Permalink

Rofl, that site is riddled with ----- jokes, and the other one's logo is basically bashing how many aspriring underground rapper there were... it kinda reminds me of NWA

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