Maylay's Voice

By Chris | 8th Oct 2004 at 18:42 GMT in San Andreas | 2 Comments

We had a few problems with the forums subdomain so I wasn't able to post any news but it's all fixed now so i'll post what didn't get posted.

An audio clip of Young Maylay was found on Audiostreet. It's around 1.8mbs and if you skip forward to around 1:18 you will hear Young Maylay's part, it gives you an idea on what you will hear from CJ in the game.

Click here to listen to Maylay

Corporate_Nothing's photo
Corporate_Nothing 8th October, 2004 @ 20:56 - Permalink

That guy has an interesting rapping voice that i hope carries over to his CJ voice.

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glitch 9th October, 2004 @ 15:17 - Permalink

i like rap but when ya look at it its just talk... so i reckon what he sounds like in the song is what he'll sound like in the game

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