Gamespot - Tales from San Fierro

By Chris | 10th Oct 2004 at 00:12 GMT in San Andreas | 2 Comments

Gamespot have put up their preview of San Fierro, so go an check it out. It mentions things about the new types of transportation and weapon skills plus more.

Link: Tales From San Fierro

Corporate_Nothing's photo
Corporate_Nothing 10th October, 2004 @ 23:04 - Permalink

Are you sure they're not covering GTA:RPG, 'cause thats obviously what this game is turning into, not that I find anything wrong with it. Its like a freaking million games rolled into one ginormous joint. I can't wait to smoke it! XD

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Marine008 10th October, 2004 @ 23:16 - Permalink

I like the fact that you can pick the color and car parts on some of the cars in the game. For once I don't have to go back and in just to get the right color. That kind of gets me thinking. If you can get car parts and tattoos, I'm just wondering, when the PC version comes out, will people be making their own tattoos, car parts, wheels, and maybe even clothes? We'll just have to wait a long time to see. :P

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