Welcome Switch Designs

By Chris | 13th Oct 2004 at 16:15 GMT in General | 10 Comments

I would like to announce that the awesome Switch Designs has chosen to join The GTA Place.

After leaving GTAGaming, Switch received offers from loads of websites who wanted him but after careful consideration he decided he liked our site the most. He has made over 100 mods, all of which he will be adding to the downloads database as soon as he's ready to start. I hope you will all give Switch a warm welcome here.

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tommy vercetti guy 13th October, 2004 @ 21:07 - Permalink

woo hoo!! ive seen him at gtagaming and hes back now at thegtaplace! just one question for switch designs, are your mods at gtagaming still there??

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Chris 13th October, 2004 @ 21:37 - Permalink

no he didnt want them at GTAGaming anymore as he felt some staff had pissed him off so much they dont deserve to have his mods there. Something like that anyway.

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tommy vercetti guy 13th October, 2004 @ 23:20 - Permalink

oh, okay

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Sherman 13th October, 2004 @ 23:49 - Permalink

Welcome switch!

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person123 14th October, 2004 @ 00:07 - Permalink

weee!! welcome switch

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Corporate_Nothing 14th October, 2004 @ 00:37 - Permalink

Where the fart is he :wacko:

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smartboy4 14th October, 2004 @ 04:18 - Permalink

Oh welcome then. I haven't seen him posting around yet though :lol:

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Switch Designs 14th October, 2004 @ 05:40 - Permalink
Where the fart is he :wacko:

I'm right here... I have had alot more to do this week in the real world than I thought, so over the next week I will make sure all my mods are uploaded here. I will also be making a new mod this week that I thought of last night. I would give up details but I just can't chance someone else making it first (it's an easy but a very sweet mod (which will consist of a player replacement a weapon and hopefully a new vehicle) and i'm sure you will all get a big kick out of it...

Also comming soon to The GTA Place I want to hold a choose the mod contest for registered users. If you have not seen a choose the mod contest before it is a contest where you (The GTA Place site users) suggest mod ideas and I will choose what I like best from the suggestions and make it into a mod for Vice City, giving credit to the winners (registered user name) in the install readme for the mod and in the news (this time for sure on the mod image too.)

Thanks for the warm welcome and hope to see you all around.

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smartboy4 14th October, 2004 @ 06:59 - Permalink

Hey there, 1st post eh :hi:

Hmm i'll just wait for your mods to be uploaded here and i might check them out.

Since i'm not quite into Vice City already, i probably won't be playing it too much.

Hope to see some of your fantastic mods around :thumbsup:

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thinroad 16th October, 2004 @ 01:53 - Permalink

Woo! Its great to see Switch finally moved from gtagaming!

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