Co-operative mode - further details

By Chris | 14th Oct 2004 at 19:44 GMT in San Andreas | 7 Comments

Rockstar denied the fact there would be a multiplayer mode, however new details have emerged on a two-player co-operative mode. Small gaming site SPOnG got a chance to see a preview of the game in action and it was inevitable they were going to ask about a multiplayer mode. The response they got was pleasently suprising

There will, however, be a dedicated co-operative mode for two players. During the game, a scene ensues when the player rescues a girl from a burning building. After this act of gallantry, she becomes your in-game girlfriend and also, a playable second character. Most of the co-op action takes place inside vehicles, with player one driving and player 2 shooting. When the co-op mode is opened, icons will display the missions available to two player on the game's map.

What's more, a plethora of two-player minigames will be included in San Andreas. Unfortunately SPOnG has no specific details regarding these right now, though we can confirm that various parlour games will be included.


So this is going to mean a whole new adventure for gamers when playing San Andreas. Rockstar sure have taken this game to a whole new level, in fact, more than that, it's on a level of it's own. No game will ever surpass the immense playability of GTA:SA.

Thanks to for the info.

tommy vercetti guy's photo
tommy vercetti guy 14th October, 2004 @ 19:51 - Permalink

if its true, ill need a second controller :bashhead:

Chris's photo
Chris 14th October, 2004 @ 20:01 - Permalink

yeah go out and buy one

person123's photo
person123 15th October, 2004 @ 00:32 - Permalink

eh i wonder in the co-op mode you can do whatever you want

smartboy4's photo
smartboy4 15th October, 2004 @ 02:06 - Permalink

Cool you gonna get a girlfriend, hopefully she's able to follow you like the the gang

glitch's photo
glitch 15th October, 2004 @ 06:47 - Permalink

wonder if we can have CJ Juniors?

sounds like fun... guess ig otta find a way to fix my last 2 controllers... cracked a spaz during Driv3r and kindve uhhh... broke 2 :P

Corporate_Nothing's photo
Corporate_Nothing 15th October, 2004 @ 20:43 - Permalink

Wait so you can't beat this mission without a second controller? *scrolls up*.

Oh well, at least my friends can help me beat SA...

San Andreas lover's photo
San Andreas lover 15th October, 2004 @ 22:47 - Permalink

2 player mode :wtf: i have 4 controllers one an't got a d pad(to many cheats on VC!!)

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