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Possible next-gen GTA image

By Adriaan | 1st Jul 2005 at 18:53 GMT in GTA IV | 8 Comments

Since yesterday, an image supposedly to be from the next-gen GTA has spread across the internet. It all started when French website “Jeux-France” posted the image.


They claim that the environment will be six times larger than San Andreas, with 350 different cars to drive, and would see players having to administrate fuel levels in their vehicles. Where they get their information is unknown.

Well what is Rockstar’s word on it? This morning they phoned gamesradar to inform them that the picture is not of any GTA game currently in development. While Rockstar has no idea where Jeux-France got the shot from, the company has gone on record to deny that the picture came from any of its internal development studios.

You'll no doubt be seeing lots of fake screenshots of the coming months, years actually. But rest assured when Rockstar release the first real screenshots we'll have them.

SA-2P - Two Player San Andreas

By Chris | 29th Jun 2005 at 17:10 GMT in San Andreas | 4 Comments

I promised these guys I'd give them a shout on TheGTAPlace. Over at the SA-2P website they've been working hard to implement a two player feature for San Andreas, for online play of course.

The difference between this and other multiplayer mods is that although this is only 2 player, it may be able to support pedestrians and other things unsupported on the other multiplayer mods.

Check out their site for screens and videos. Also check out the downloads database as I'll be adding more files throughout the week without necessarily posting about them.

SA-MP screenshots

By Adriaan | 27th Jun 2005 at 12:30 GMT in San Andreas | 5 Comments

The SA-MP team recently updated their website with screenshots from their beta testing of their multiplayer mod called SA-MP(San Andreas Multiplayer). Also that can be noticed is that they changed the "Current Development Version" from Vice to version 0.1 of San Andreas MP, stating that it is 20% complete.

There will be alot going on around multiplayer mods for San Andreas this week. Check back soon where TheGTAPlace will post a exclusive video of another multiplayer mod that we got to test.

Link: SA-MP Media Page

SA Replay Handler

By Chris | 26th Jun 2005 at 13:26 GMT in San Andreas | 1 Comment

You probably all find it annoying when you save a replay of San Andreas and you have to Alt-Tab out of the game and rename it so it doesn't overwrite it. Well you don't have to do that anymore. Just like the Vice City Replay Handler, some of the guys from GTAStunting made one for San Andreas which renames all your .rep files you save so you no longer have to Alt-Tab from the game.

You can download the SA Replay Handler a.k.a SaRaH from our downloads database. SaRaH was made by [FP]gunner, and tested by [FP]Marklund.

**UPDATE** This has now been updated to version 1.5 which fixes a few bugs and adds a couple of features.

And in another update Delfi from GTATools has released v3.5 of TXD Workshop which is now no longer a beta version, so it now has full support for San Andreas, Vice City and GTA3.

Download TXD Workshop 3.5.

Real Life Vehicle Names

By Chris | 23rd Jun 2005 at 14:19 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments

Stpk4 has emailed me the latest version of his 'real life' mod. Previously, Real Life Car Names only changed the names of cars within the game. His newest release also changes other vehicles like bikes, planes, helicopters etc.

Download Real Life Vehicle Names if you want to recognise your vehicles as you would normally everyday. Obviously there are still some vehicles with real names still unknown, you can read the readme to find those and also email Stpk4 with information you may have on them.

Mod Updates

By Chris | 22nd Jun 2005 at 12:21 GMT in San Andreas | 1 Comment

For those of you who don't check our download database everyday you won't know about all the new mods we've added. There are some quite popular ones and various other mods we are hosting/mirroring.

Firstly, Spooky over at has released his Speedometer for San Andreas which I know will please a lot of you, as his speedo for Vice City did. Spooky also released IMG Tool 2.0 which is a necessity for anyone who wants to mod their game. Version 2 allows you to edit San Andreas .img files as well as VC and GTA3 .img files.

Recoil has released a mod which changes your CJ to a white person, it changes all the skins and cutscenes and you'll need to use the IMG Tool to install it. Download White CJ mod here.

Last week we also had an update to version 2.1 for the Hot Coffee 2.1 mod.

The other mods we didn't post about were the following (in alphabetical order):

100% Save by Konoko45

100% Save by Psy

10X Draw Distance

Double Weild All Weapons

Enhanced Tire Traction

Gang War Mod

GarageEdit 0.2

Hitman For All Weapons

Nude Girlfriend's V2

Ped Stats Editor

Rare Cars Mod

Real Life Car Names


Skateboard with Animations

TransFender Fix

TXD Workshop 3.4 Beta

Water Level Customizer

Mission Builders:

San Andreas Mission Builder V0.33

Vice City Mission Builder V1.3

GTA3 Mission Builder V5.0

"Play" Germany publishes LCS preview.

By Adriaan | 21st Jun 2005 at 14:03 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 6 Comments

<img src="" width="150" height="211" border="1" align="right">A magazine called "Play" from Germany got to see a exclusive preview for Liberty City Stories at the Take 2 Interactive booth at E3 this May. From all the magazine previews seen so far, this has got to be the best preview with the greatest info. Our friends at <a href=""target="_blank"></a> have the article translated from German to English. I read the article and below you can find the info that stood out:

• R1 targets enemies. The player can use the d-pad to change between


• Enemies are marked with a red dot, while on pursuit this helps alot. (something similar to the Driver games)

• As we know, the HUD will not be filling up the screen and is semi-transparent to ensure a good view.

• Streets are still the same, but the "image" has changed a bit, due to the new time setting.

• Some of the buildings that were seen in GTA3 aren't in Liberty City Stories, cause remember its three years back.

• Alot has changed, people wear different clothes and act differently than the pedestrians from GTA3.

• R* did try and delete most of the constant pop-ups and fog.

• Mirror and particle effects can be seen in the game due to the high resolution display.

• Michael Madsen will return to voice Toni, like in GTA3. Several characters from GTA3 can be seen in Liberty City Stories.

• Hidden packages, stunt-bonuses and a in-game radio are back. The article mentions being able to play your own music from the PSP's memory stick.

• Amunation stores will make a return(what is GTA without guns?) and the article mentions that you can buy alot of "old" guns. Ranging from a typical 9mm to a MP.

As far as the graphics go, LCS looks a bit better than GTA 3, however in the OPS2 Australia article they mentioned that the PSP only has 90% of the PS2's graphics and prosessing power, but alot has improved in GTA and game developing over the past 4 years.

Liberty city Stories has new ideas and improvements from previous GTA's. However Rockstar will be bringing back some of the old features. Like bicycles driving through Liberty City, or Toni that will be able to change clothes, just like CJ could. Not to forget that the player can decide what he wants to wear, he can make make Toni wear a sport

t-shirt or a tuxedo.

This will most certainly be a unique game on its own. If you want to read the full translation visit <a href=""target="_blank"></a>, translation is thanks to vALKYR

OPS2 Australia and GTA LCS map info

By Adriaan | 21st Jun 2005 at 13:59 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 0 Comments

<img src="" width="150" height="192" border="1" align="left">The Official Playstaion 2 Magazine in Australia was released a few days ago and it pretty much had the same info from all the other magazines we saw the last few days. However, these journalists were lucky enough to pause the game and see the in-game map.

What they are telling us is that the map is basically the same as Liberty City from GTA3, but Shoreside Vale this time round is almost twice as big! It curls up to be above Stanton Island on the map.

Also a few more details are that there is a casino in St Marks owned by the Leone's, JD O'Tolle works for the Sindacco family (from GTA:SA). Finally a few more confirmations on Gameplay are that Toni will be able to change clothes, shoot out tires and bail on moving vehicles.

Acording to this great preview(doesnt contain any new screenshots) Michael Madsen might not even voice Toni Cipriani (the main character). We quote :

<em>"While Rockstar were not able to confrim that

Madsen would return to reprise his role it is said

that high callbre voice-acting is a huge priority for

Liberty City Stories"</em>

Next we have info about the improvements made to suit the PSP. The radar that can be seen on the bottom left corner of older GTA's are included. However, to fit the small PSP screen, the radar will be semi transparent. Which means you can see through it onto the road or everywhere in the game.

Acording to the magazine there won't be any helicopters or planes, but hey thats the words from the magazine, not the words from R*.

Finally the last quote shows that GTA LCS will have the most features from previous GTA's, if not even more!!

<em>"We are pleased to tell you that Rockstar have recreated

every aspect of GTA3's near limitless playground.

But rather then pat itself on the back and ship the game,

Rockstar decided this acheivment wasnt enough, it wanted to

cram as much of hit einnovations from Vice City and San Andreas

into LCS as possible"</em>

<em> Thanks to Josh from</em>

San Andreas PHP Stats

By Chris | 19th Jun 2005 at 10:55 GMT in San Andreas | 5 Comments

Want to convert your crappy stats.html file into something much nicer?

Well now you can.

Remember that horrible stats file that Vice City used to generate, the stats file generated by San Andreas isn't much better either.

What this page does is it generates a nice pretty, colourful page of your San Andreas PC stats file, which you can then show off to all your friends.

I hope you all enjoy using this, it's still in a beta stage but we have done a lot of self-testing and ironed out a few bugs already.

If you notice some stats that have become corrupt or that are showing different from your stats file please let me know so we can see what's wrong.

San Andreas PHP Stats

MTA SA Video!

By Adriaan | 16th Jun 2005 at 08:20 GMT in San Andreas | 6 Comments

<img src="" width="150" height="120" border="1" align="left"> As promised, the MTA team who is currently working on a multiplayer mod for the PC version of San Andreas updated their site today. With 2 new screens and a beta testing video!! You can go to the official website for more.

Following Tuesday′s update, the Multi Theft Auto Team has put together a short video showcasing the early stages of vehicle synchronization. It was captured while testing the race mod that is currently under construction. The video features a variety of vehicles and locations with a varying number of testers.

Please note that Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas is still at a very early stage in development. This video should not be viewed as a game content preview, but as a demonstration for our community of the potential of the technology we have developed. As always, all content is subject to change at any stage in development.

- The MTA Team

This video is a must download for all MTA lovers and for those that had some negative feelings about it. It just looks awesome and Im sure you will be just excited when you download the video! We here at The GTA Place would like to congratulate The MTA team in their excellent work and that they have done this in just a week. Great work guys!

Link :

MTA: SA screenshots!

By Adriaan | 14th Jun 2005 at 17:40 GMT in San Andreas | 16 Comments

<img src="" width="150" height="120" border="1" align="left">The MTA team recently posted new screenshots of their beta testing of MTA:SA, based on the Blue platform. Click here to go to the official site and there is also more screens over at Expect another developer update soon.

<br />

<br />

GTA Liberty City Stories updates

By Adriaan | 13th Jun 2005 at 14:20 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 6 Comments

<img src="" width="150" height="105" border="1" align="left"> • Vehicles in the game have been redesigned to fit the 1998 era.• Thanks to the PSP's wide screen more could be displayed in-game.• Familiar GTA3 locations, like Salvatore Leone's mansion, are seen everywhere.• The missions will be subtly shorter to suit handheld gaming tastes.

OPS2: "What about multiplayer?Dan Houser: "We're still obsessed with the single player at this point."OPS2:" Can we ask about Aerial transport...?"Dan Houser: "I don't think we have it. Motorbikes are our big thing at this point. That required certain workings on the map, and to do the other stuff [planes] would require more... it would end up..."
Then Dan Houser stopped his sentence! Also I have been getting a few emails asking if the game is going to come out for either the PS2 or PS3. Well, I can confirm that GTA LCS will come out exclusively only for the Sony PSP. Any more questions? <a href="mailto:[email protected]" target="_blank">Email me!</a>

San Andreas Tools

By Chris | 12th Jun 2005 at 01:13 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments

We have a couple of tools for you here.

First is a Handling Editor by Jacob - This useful tool allows you to easily edit the handling.cfg file for vehicles in San Andreas.

Secondly is a cool TimeSync by QJimbo - This nice tool synchronizes the time in San Andreas with the time on your PC clock, you can also adjust the timezone.

Links: SA Handling Editor, Time Sync

Hidden Skateboard Discovered

By Adriaan | 11th Jun 2005 at 20:20 GMT in San Andreas | 7 Comments

gtasaskateboardth.jpgillspirit finally found the hidden skateboard in San Andreas. It's comes as a big surprise because we knew Rockstar had hidden it from us in the PS2 version, however they left it in the PC version for us (probably for the modders). We don't know if they included the animations associated with it, but for now it can be used to replace any melee weapon.

In this case, I replaced the combat knife, but it can also be swapped out with other weapons. To replace the knife, find and open default.ide in your /data directory, and replace this line:

335, knifecur, knifecur, null, 1, 50, 0

with this:

335, skateboard, skateboard, null, 1, 50, 0

To replace any of the other melee weapons, just edit the second and third column in the same manner.

- illspirit

Click here to view a larger image(thanks Jordan), and thanks goes to illspirit

'Grand Theft' maker settles with SEC

By Adriaan | 11th Jun 2005 at 19:55 GMT in General | 0 Comments

In my search for GTA News I found this very interesting article on CNN Money. Aparently Take 2 Interactive(pubishers of GTA) has payed the SEC .5 million to stop the investigation into their "accounting practices". Take 2 did not admit or deny that they did anything wrong.

"We have cooperated fully and are pleased to have resolved Take-Two's outstanding issues with the SEC," Paul Eibeler, Take-Two's president and CEO, said in a statement.

"The comprehensive company-wide changes we have instituted in recent years, including implementing a series of internal controls and procedures designed to ensure that our financial reporting processes meet the highest standard of integrity and professionalism, and making key additions to our senior executive team and Board of Directors, have made our company much stronger."

"We remain focused on delivering shareholder value through our leadership in the global interactive entertainment software market," he added.

Source: CNN Money

GTA Liberty City Stories revealed!

By Adriaan | 10th Jun 2005 at 20:55 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 5 Comments

<img src="" width="150" height="105" border="1" align="left">In the latest issue of the Official Playstation2 Magazine in the UK they have released the first info about the game. You will play as Tony Cipriani in the year 1998 in Liberty City. The game kicks of where Tony returns to the city after he laid low for a while. Below we outline some of the stuf that we know so far:

► You will be able to drive bikes in the game!

► Rockstar are unsure if they will be able to keep flight in the in game, due to technical limitations.

► You may be able to run your own MP3s off the PSP's MemoryStick Duo.

► Salvatore will be returning in the game and you will be working for him.

► Luigi's club is now run by JD O'Toole, a triad pervert.

► Hidden Packages, Stunt Jumps and Rampages will be hidden in all new locations.

► Some buildings have been altered from 2001's GTA III to better represent the era.

► It looks like Luigi's Club has been renamed to "Paulie's Revue Pad" for the new era.

► Several old faces can be seen including Misty, Joey's girlfriend from GTA3 and Salvatore.

Also we got the magazine scans! Twelve screenshots taken direct from the PSP! Click here to view them! Don't forget to check out our missions page where we already have info on 2 of the many missions featured in the game.

UPDATE: I just remembered that Tony owned a restaurant on Little Italy(which was later renamed to Saint Mark's due to the game Mafia) in GTA 3.

Related: Edgeforums,

San Andreas Mods

By Chris | 10th Jun 2005 at 19:51 GMT in San Andreas | 1 Comment

We have three new mods to our database. The first and probably the greatest is the "hot coffee" mod by PatrickW, which unlocks the secret interactive sex scenes that Rockstar hid away from us. It also makes it so that all girlfriends are available from the start, and you are able to date your girlfriend at any time during the day as opposed to a certain times.

Secondly we have the San Andreas Opened Up mod by Craig Kostelecky, which does exactly as the title suggests. It opens up the whole of San Andreas up by removing all the barriers and the wanted stars you attain for getting past them.

Thirdly we have the Slow Peds mod by mvi, this changes all of the pedestrian animations to that of the old lady. It's especially funny to watch the police chase you on foot.

Download Links: San Andreas Opened Up, Hot Coffee Mod, Slow Peds

PiZZADOX's Plus 27 Trainer

By Chris | 10th Jun 2005 at 15:02 GMT in San Andreas | 5 Comments

The trainers for San Andreas are flooding in, thanks to Hannibal.Barca for sending this one to me via email.

PiZZADOX's +27 Trainer brings you the most feature packed trainer yet. This Screenshot shows you them all, and you can turn off the cheesy background music that plays when you open the trainer.

This trainer is sure to become the most widely used for a while, all the features will be pretty useful if you are struggling with certain parts of the game, or if you are just using it for fun.

If you know of any trainers/tools/mods or anything that we don't have here, you can always email them to us with a link to where they are or attach them to the email. Alternatively you can use the Submit A Mod page we just put online. Please read the instructions on that page before submitting.

UPDATE: This is now a +27 trainer, not a +20 as ws the original release

Download Link: PiZZADOX's Plus 27 Trainer

Pre-order GTA Liberty City Stories today!

By Adriaan | 10th Jun 2005 at 14:00 GMT in Liberty City Stories | 0 Comments

<img src="" width="133" height="120" border="1" align="left"> <a href=""target="_blank"></a> recently updated their website allowing you to pre-order GTA Liberty City Stories. It is not known yet when the official launch date will be, all that is know is that it will be released shortly after the European launch of the Sony PSP on September 1st.

<a href=""target="_blank">Click here</a> to pre-order the game from Rockstarwarehouse

San Andreas Place Manager & +10 Trainer

By Chris | 10th Jun 2005 at 10:56 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments

I found this in my email this morning, unfortunately the person who it was from was not the creator of the trainer and there is nothing that says who the creator is so for now this is made by an unknown person. If you are the maker or know who the maker is please let us know.

So far this trainer has the most options in it than the other 2 we posted yesterday, you can see from the screenshot what they are.

The second tool we have added is the San Andreas Place Manager, this tool made by Jacob and Racer_s allows you to teleport yourself to different parts of San Andreas absed on the co-ordinates. You are able to save certain places for quick teleporting. You must load up San Andreas before using this, then Alt-Tab out of it.

Links: GTASA +10 Trainer, San Andreas Place Manager

First San Andreas PC Trainers

By Chris | 9th Jun 2005 at 20:48 GMT in San Andreas | 1 Comment

The first trainers have been released for San Andreas. They don't do much at the moment but they are probably quite helpful for some of you.

The +13 trainer by ReVOLVeR gives you a nice range of options to enable.

The Money trainer by ReeBSaW as the title suggest, gives you money, around 10 million dollars.

Download Links: GTASA +13 Trainer | GTASA Money Trainer

Thanks to for the news.

GTA SA GarageEdit Tool Released

By Adriaan | 9th Jun 2005 at 18:46 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments

Uluru who is known for creating the GTA3 and Vice City Garage Editors has already come up with one for GTA San Andreas! The first version only allows you to edit the cars in Los Santos, but Im sure he will be able to create better versions as time goes by.

This first version only includes the garages in Los Santos, I havn't unlocked the other cities yet so I can't really test the memory addresses that the cars are stored at.

This tool lets you change what cars are stored in your garages, the colour of them and whether they are damage proof. It also lets you lock them in there so everytime you open the garage the cars will be waiting for you.

Just remember that if you add a car into a garage that had no cars in it before, will cause your game to freeze.

Click here to download.

San Andreas PC cheats!

By Adriaan | 9th Jun 2005 at 12:59 GMT in San Andreas | 4 Comments

As promised, we are able to throw the GTA San Andreas PC cheats at you! Thanks to edisoncarter most of the PC cheats are now found. However, most of it are gibberish and doesnt make any sense, but they work!

This is a complete list of cheats for the PC version. I have not checked if all of these work or still do the same things. As before, there are many different key combos that match each cheat, so I'm listing the shortest possible ones. It could take some time to find the intended textual words.

- edisoncarter

The cheat page is up and we will update it every time new ones become available and when we receive the textual words that makes sense.

Links: GTA Forums topic, edisoncarter's cheat page, PC Cheat page

San Andreas TXD Workshop 3.3

By Chris | 9th Jun 2005 at 11:56 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments

Delfi of GTATools has been hard at work to create the San Andreas TXD Workshop 3.3. It's still in beta form but you're able to open "practically any GTA: San Andreas texture dictionary out there!"

Saving TXD's will be implemented at a later date. Have fun modding everyone!

Warning as it says in the readme this version is quite unstable so use at your own risk.

Download Links: TXD Workshop 3.3 Beta or our mirror - Here

First San Andreas Xbox review

By Adriaan | 8th Jun 2005 at 19:01 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments

I just got word from a person called Shawn that he just put up his GTA San Andreas Xbox review recently. Click here to view it. From what I have read it's pretty good and worth a read for Xbox fans of the game.

Here is a extract:

On October 25, 2004 I spent my evening waiting in line with many other avid gamers for 7 o’clock to roll by and my local EB Games to begin selling Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for the PS2. It was an eye-opening experience for me. You’d have thought that Elvis himself was back from the dead for another comeback tour. It was electric. And although I had played video games for a long time, I had never considered it mainstream until I stood in that line between a 40-ish year old man and a wide-eyed mother sent to pick the game up by her sons. This truly was an event. This was a Springsteen concert for the gaming crowd. This proved to me that gaming had finally come into its own and was truly accepted as a medium in our society. And looking back on it, I don’t think any other game could have done it; not Halo, not Metal Gear and not Final Fantasy. GTA has become more than a game. Everyone has heard about it; good or bad. GTA has defined a generation and is solidly ingrained within our culture. It may take place in the 80’s or early 90’s but it has always been a barometer for our current trends. How many other games can claim such a mass appeal and reach? How many other global events can? GTA has changed us as a culture and experiencing it again on the Xbox has made it even sweeter than ever.

As for the cheats I am trying my best to find out if these cheats are infact correct.

San Andreas Multiplayer

By Adriaan | 8th Jun 2005 at 13:32 GMT in San Andreas | 0 Comments


Right as we speak a Multiplayer mod for GTA San Andreas for the PC version is in the works. About a week ago I downloaded a video of their version of Vice City on and it looked great! They aim to have this mod done in about 2-3 months saying that players will have alot to keep them busy in the mean time with the single player San Andreas.

"I think SA-MP will progress just fine and on schedule. I estimate that it will be 2-3 months until the first release, but you can probably expect some screenshots/video sooner. The only thing I've established is that the game is fine for memory type mods"

- Kyeman

When asked about all the additional features like eating and going to the gym, they said if they can't make that availible for players they will have to take it out.

So stay tuned for more on this the coming weeks. Also a little update on San Andreas PC : All images that you take with the in-game camera is saved in your "My Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files/Gallery" folder as jpeg images.


Official Site Updated

By Chris | 8th Jun 2005 at 00:15 GMT in San Andreas | 2 Comments

Rockstar have updated the Official PC Website and also the Official Xbox Website with new media.

Here's a look at the 4 new Xbox screens:


Check them out in full on the Xbox Screenshots page.

Update on San Andreas PC

By Adriaan | 7th Jun 2005 at 19:23 GMT in San Andreas | 3 Comments

I have happen to talk to Jordan from PlanetGTA earlier on about the PC version of San Andreas. Below I outline some of the things I have learned from him:

► You can control a fire truck's hose with the mouse.

► When inside a interior, you can see through it to the outside.

► There are more boxes and trash cans scattered around the Grove.

► As always moving the mouse around, moves the camera around CJ, when holding down the right mouse button, it brings up the crosshair.

► GTASA.exe takes up to 131MB of RAM.

► I have seen a screenshot where Jordan zooms into a stolen car from almost a quarter of a mile away.

► At peak traffic times the number of cars onscreen has been increased from 10 for the PS2 version, to 18 for the PC version.

► GTA3.img is three times the size of Vice City, coming around 940MB.

► Modifying the files in the data folder is much easier than Vice City.

We will be updating you with the latest on the cheats for the PC version. Also stay tuned as we will be uploading mods very, very soon..

San Andreas Xbox Cheats

By Chris | 7th Jun 2005 at 18:56 GMT in San Andreas | 2 Comments

Whilst browsing GameFAQs earlier I was suprised to see that cheat codes for the Xbox version of San Andreas have been submitted by a user called "Jay FNG Philbrook". As of yet the PC codes haven't been released.

We aren't 100% sure if these are all real codes but we can't find anybody saying they're fake. If you do happen to own the Xbox version and you don't mind testing them out please contact us and let us know if they are the real deal.

Check out the GTASA Xbox Cheats page to see them all (currently in alphabetical order). We'll have San Andreas PC cheats and mods very, very soon!

San Andreas Released on PC + Xbox

By Chris | 7th Jun 2005 at 00:27 GMT in San Andreas | 5 Comments

Well, it's not supposed to be yet but across North America many stores have chosen to start selling copies of the game a little early. There are already a few screenshots flying around online. It looks so much better than the PS2 version.

And whatsmore you even get a free novella with the game which if you're like me and love any GTA merchandise is a must have. If you haven't ordered a copy already you can do so by visiting the links to reputable online retailer Amazon.

San Andreas PC from or

San Andreas Xbox from or

If you don't want to buy from Amazon and you live in the UK or Europe you can actually get it cheaper at The PC version is only £24.99 there. Go buy it!

UPDATE: Rockstar have sent us the screenshots from the 2nd part of Gamespot's interview and IGN's Good Life article, we have updated the PC Screenshots and Xbox Screenshots pages accordingly.

Gamespot Q&A Pt. 2 & IGN Update

By Chris | 4th Jun 2005 at 10:20 GMT in San Andreas | 3 Comments

Gamespot have added the second part of their San Andreas PC Q and A. This time it covers modding, AI and physics. There are also 4 new screenshots with it.

IGN have added a new article on the "Good Life Part 1", along with a few new screenshots.

Gamespot Q&A and Xbox Screens

By Chris | 2nd Jun 2005 at 10:24 GMT in San Andreas | 1 Comment

Gamespot have posted up a question and answer session on their site they had with several guys from the Rockstar North team, of course it was about San Andreas and 13 questions were answered. There are also 4 new screens with the article.

Also Rockstar have sent us the 19 new Xbox screens that were given out last week, they've been added to our Xbox screenshots gallery.

The GTA Place Re-Designed!

By Chris | 2nd Jun 2005 at 01:52 GMT in General | 14 Comments

Welcome to the new GTA Place everybody! We hope you like it. I think it's long overdue but it looks a whole lot better in my opinion.

Dennis has been working on it for some time now and since yesterday I have been coding all the HTML and CSS for it, then placing it within our PHP scripts. There maybe a few minor bugs in places so just tell us if you find one and we'll fix it as soon as possible. We are aware of the small bug in our news script - that is being worked on.

If you are not seeing everything correctly, i.e old logos or parts of the old stylesheets press CTRL + F5 to hard refresh your browser, this should hopefully grab all the latest files. If not you will need to clear out your Cache and possibly your Temporary Internet Files too.

Please note that we will have different colour schemes for each section of the site soon, we are currently testing them.

Both Dennis and I would appreciate any feedback you have to offer, plus any suggestions you may have. So please comment on this news post or send us Feedback.

We have also upgraded our forums to the latest version of Invision Power Board, that is IPB2. This offers a wealth of new, exciting features that provide a better overall experience when browsing the forums. We are currently awaiting a new skin for the forums too. If you're not yet a member on our forums you will need to Register which is entirely free of charge (of course) and literally only takes a minute or so to complete.

Enjoy the new site, we'll also be having more content added soon!

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