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    Thanks for the feedback, it really helps us out
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    That and the ludicrously satirical adverts and TV shows. They really did their homework, that's for sure.
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    I was going though the fonts in Microsoft Word,...and i came across a GTA WEAPONS font.... When you press the keys, gta weapons come up - heres a screenshot:
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    :: Grand Theft Auto IV Forum Directory :: Links to what may interest you... Intro: Side notes: Hello and Welcome to the GTA IV Forum Directory.Here, you will find all topics/pages related to the famous GTA IV. There are various reasons for why this has been made. For a start, it's been created to make members aware that there are topics like these out their, for there own reading pleasure. This also contains links to what may interest you... So, have a nice time lurking about! This page is currently undergoing updating. Please bare with us whilst we update. Thank you. Forum Topics: Website: INFORMATIONFactsheet Wishlist IGN: NaturalMotion's Euphoria Technology GTA IV Official Release date PS3 Was Partly to Blame For GTA IV Delay MEDIA & CREATIVITY Fake Screenshots Fake Maps Fan Created Artwork (Create your own) GTA 4 Screensaver for Windows Make your own Gang OPINIONS Unwanted Features What platform will you be buying the game on? What kind of Glitches/Easter Eggs would you like to see? NewsInformation Rumors Fanart Fake Screenshots Wallpapers (User Submitted) Wishlist Official Links: www.rockstarwatch.net/IV/ | www.thegtaplace.com/gta4/
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