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  1. I think the graphics of the next-gen consoles are meeting the bench mark that the PC sets and, with in the next two yaers, will serpass them by a graet deal. I think this is because the game makers are just now hendering power of these machines and will one day soon, fully utilize it.
  2. I think they changed thier art style to look more realistic to go with a game with more realistic graphics.
  3. It's just in my opion, the PS3 did'nt do it. sure if I had $600 to burn I'd buy one. Just to say I did, to point at my friends and say hah! bitch. (my friends are PS3 fans)
  4. How about more weapons. And when you have weapons and want to use one, they don't just appear in your hand. Maybe you actually pull them out from your waist band or like a shotgun or machine gun hidden under a long over coat connected to a sholder strap. That would be tight! I wanna see bigger and better shoot outs and like you shoot a fire escape, releasing the ladder and it comes down ontop of the enemy. Stuff like that. Oh and more explostions with realistic damage to the environment.
  5. What shark? I don't recall seeing a shark. Yeah! What f***in shark?
  6. I like the character. He's a welcome change I think. He's like a totally different character than others in the previouse GTAs. I think he will be a great character.
  7. Where did you play the PS3? Remember, L.A. Noire is exclusive to the PS3. GET A PS3!!! I played one at "Game-A-Hollics: New Age Arcade" (plug, plug, plug ) Exlusive to my town.
  8. Dude get an XBOX 360. Trust me, you will be so much happier. The PS3 really disapointed me. 360 has alot more games and just plays better in all ways. Sure, I might get a PS3 SOMEDAY, but no time soon. Not until I see alot more games, the rumble function put back in the controller and about a $400 price drop!
  9. Yes, I have pre-ordered it. I pre-ordered the day that the screenshots and the trailer released. Though I think there is no point to it. Except to help you manage your excitment and so the money you are collecting does'nt get spent on somethings else. It's still 6 months off and I'm ecstatic beond believe. You know if I were a game maker I would'nt anounce a game until one month before the release that way fan boys don't shit there pants waiting on the game.
  10. I agree. I'm impressed, nousious and excited all at the same time. I can't wait for this game to get here so I get skip school to go get it. Mom, if your reading this I'm just playing!
  11. watch him ur so f***in retarted how am i supose to watch him if i dont live near him or i dunno wat he looks like u dum shit You are really really odd , serisouly!. You have just told some of the most laughble lies I have ever heard. The whole, 'nicko bellic dieing at the start' rumor, has already been posted and it wasnt by you. Also, you stated that this happens in the 23rd mission, which wouldn't make any sence. Your one crazy kid, but never the less, incredibly funny. Btw, anybody who happens to read this, im new to the forum, my name is chris and sorry for not posting in the 'introduce yourself' bit, i was just way too eager to reply to this post!. haha. Yeah I agree. He just needs to shut his f***in mouth and get the hell off the forums if he's just ganna lie and waste poeple time like a little bitch.
  12. Yeah Awsome! Snow, Ice, Rain/Thunderstorms, the works. That would be tight as hell. All the stuff about the peds, that would be cool too. Hey and when the a ped falls on the ice some will laugh and point. That would rock.
  13. No, genius, you didn't. The guy I'm speaking of had other resources. Stop trying to impress us. It isn't working. BTW, thanks for your dad's name, division, and job at Rockstar, I'm now going to report him for leaking information. Have a nice day. HAH! Nice! POW! you in your face [email protected]#F&*ker!
  14. dont spam. dude. yuve broken like 10 rules since you've been here. have u read the rules? http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=2 read 'em and obey 'em yeah! i couldnt believe that wasnt in san andreas. it better be in gta4. I agree! I was sittin there in GTA San Andreas and saw a latter and walk up, could'nt climb it. That sucks. I totally expected that to be there.
  15. Wonderful, we don't care. Stop being a douche. I agree. Anyways! Yeah the rain thing would be awsome and when peds don't have umberelas they will run for cover or hoof it to thier cars or call a taxi or other sources of public transportation. Ofcourse not all of them though! then there would'nt be anyone to kill. Some will just keep walking cause the don care if they get wet. Also better car and car crash physics. I don't wanna hit a sidewalk or lightpole and do flips or 180 slides and crap. I would like to see more interiors and interactive environments. Plus since the city is gonna be more vertical than all the others I wanna be able to scale this newer, higher environment.
  16. I was starting to wonder about Dan saying that. "ijustwannatalk" may be right. Maybe Dan Houser was giving something away. He also said something about choosing your own destiny. So maybe if you make the wrong desicion at the wrong time you will get betrayed. If this is true, hopfully you will only have to be Roman for a little bit until Bellik recovers. But overall I hope he's wrong though because that would really retarded.
  17. This is crazy. I'm so excited for this freakin game I can hardly make it through the day with out have a huge splurge of excitment, then crashing to the thought that it won't be out for another 6 months! Damn!
  18. He say's "I've killed people, smuggled people, sold people" It's just when he says past tense words, ending in the letters "ed", he adds "duh" at the end. It's because of his russian accent. If you've been around russian people you'd know.
  19. I agree, that sounds really stupid anyways. Why would they do that?! Either you or your father is lying. P.S. I'm new by the way.
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