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  1. swisstony123

    Happiness Island sweater.

    I collected mine today...Didn't know what it was at first then I was suddenly wearing a different top HAHA!! brilliant stuff
  2. swisstony123

    Just Beat the Game

    I've got no Idea how long I've got left still got the final Island to unlock ..Have tried to play it very slowly but almost impossible ....ARGGHH! Why can't they make this game even longer lol It's too good for words so far!
  3. swisstony123

    The Fiore Family Mafia Recruiting For GTA IV

    Yeah definately count me in on the reserve list! I'll have to try and up my post count now lol!
  4. swisstony123

    The Fiore Family Mafia Recruiting For GTA IV

    Count me in for the PS3 family lol! I would welcome the oppertunity to play with other decent spirited people. I've been a diehard GTA fan since the beggining and would like to use online play ...But am not looking forward to hereing 12year old kids shouting abuse at each other lol....So joining "The Fiore Family" would be perfect for me! Though I haven't got to many posts on here I'm afriad!?!?
  5. swisstony123

    Kotaku Previews GTAIV

    I really really hope there's offline multiplayer even though the san andreas one was a bit crap at least you can roam around with no time limits....It was great me and friend used to go roof jumping all the time!!!! or use the cheats and do wing walking or try and hit the water even though your flying car was miles in the air!! Brilliant stuff!!.....Ah simple minds!
  6. swisstony123

    Possible Side Mission!?!

    I just noticed when looking at the Manny escuela pic on the gtaIV website, that theres a poster behind him stating....."Attend this weeks crackdown on crack to find out how you can help" Possibly a side mission maybe!?!?! Sorry if this has been posted elsehwhere!?!?!?
  7. swisstony123

    Take-Two Explains The GTA IV Delay

    Can't be the reason as two many independant games reviewers tested it and none of them gave GTA a bad rating and thats the only code thats about for independant testers and game magazine/website companys....I'de imagine unless they've played a new bit and it had some major bugs that could'nt be fixed easily
  8. swisstony123

    Take-Two Explains The GTA IV Delay

    Gaaaaa This is gonna kill me!!!! The thought of GTA was making me push harder with my work so that I would have been finished in time for it's release!?!?! My plans are ruined lol!!!
  9. swisstony123

    Which vehicles do you want in Gta IV

    Would love to see MX bikes back again even though theres no country"side" I don't see that as a reason not to have em! There will still be jumps surely??? Just want excellent damage modelling!!! Being able to cause more accurate damage depending on speed of impact etc... Definate dents at the point the car was hit would be nice too, plus edging past cars walls would cause scratchs scrapes, bits falling off from many different places would be superb..........I Was a very distructive child Oh and engine/suspension failure would be quality!!
  10. swisstony123

    steeling cars

    Hmmm surely a broken window would just look like a rolled down one??? If it's gonna be more realistic a busted window could easily be hidden
  11. swisstony123


    I love being able to climb in San an it was a very important part in the longevity of the game from me! Me and my bud still play 2 player "roof jumping" which is quality! Having the element of not knowing whether or not your gonna quite make a gap was brilliant fun so climbing is essential for me once the main story and the side missions are over. Just finding out that you could jump from a roof top and hang in a tree for example in san an was brilliant for us.....sad i know... but it just shows the amazing level of detail that these brilliant games have.