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  1. 10 years old? COOTIES!

  2. Haha, I don't care what gender you are, you're awesome <3

  3. How are you not a five star member?

  4. Hi and welcome to the forum!

  5. ...OK, at first I didn't like the name but now it's funny as hell!

  6. Hi Chris! How are things? Good I hope. The forum is pretty sweet, nice job!

  7. Hi serge and welcome to TGTAP ^_^

  8. Hey Jared! I've been doing well. I am on vacation so I'm doing the lazy routine lol. Before that, I was busy at work so internet time was scarce.

  9. Ice waters down drinks too, it's nasty. The shit they put in thier pepsi is like drugs. It makes you want more and more <<

  10. Hi and welcome to the forum ^_^

  11. LOL, I am all about sharing way too much info about things no one wants to know :P

  12. DAMN.

    Your post about that stupid gangsta and the country song about his sister was CLASSIC.

  13. I have MSN but I don't use it much anymore because I got tired of 60 people asking me things all at once but you can add me anyways, I do pop on once in a while: [email protected]

  14. Your name makes me think of the Ewoks <_<

  15. Why hello there. 99 years old, huh....Wonder what that feels like <_<

  16. Thanks for the hello! Nice to meet you ^_^

  17. Ha, actually, green is my favourite colour but it was a bit hard to see. I use a different colour font because it's my "trademark" in every forum I go to.

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