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  1. I rated you a five star member ^_^

  2. We're being stalked. I'll bet we're being given shitty profile ratings, too, lol. Sad.

  3. Awesome profile pic ^_^

  4. You look like someone but I can't think of who...:/

  5. Me either :/ Glad to see you didn't leave us! I would miss my Rainbow Bear :(

  6. Where is my precious Rainbow Bear??

  7. LOL, I had no idea. Maybe if I log in here once in a while....Still, I don't feel any hotter XD

  8. If you don't win hottest member, I'm gonna freak out! LOL.

  9. Aww, thanks Jared! <3

  10. I usually disappear because I get sick of the bandwagoners who can't handle a rant on a moron. :) Besides, I disagree with some mod choices (okay, one) and this place just isn't as fun as it once was.

  11. BOOBS.

    Now that I have your attention....

  12. I'm a 4 star member now *cuts wrists*

  13. Suspend? Did I miss something? I haven't logged on for a while so I must have missed the joke....:(

  14. Combo #6 (Spicy chicken burger) with no tomatoes, fries and a coke. I'd KILL for it <3

  15. Your personal photo is SUPER SEXY!

  16. I rated you a 5 star member lol.

  17. LOL...we fail at internet////

  18. I gave you a 5 star rating ^_^

  19. I rated you a 5 <3

  20. Some people in this forum are fucked. Luckily, the majority are cool.

  21. At first, you were a bit of a retard but you've gotten better ^_^

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