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    San Andreas, video games, Drums, TV, arcade games.<br><br>Oh, and guns
  1. TCClone

    All Cheats Uncovered!

    (resized sig) Well then it's just my crappy game Oh wells
  2. TCClone

    All Cheats Uncovered!

    For some unknown reason, only the Spawn Hunter Cheat works for me. Is it just my fucked up game or are other people having this problem?
  3. TCClone

    The ^<v Game

    ^ Is wrong < Want's a Fully Tuned (Visually, Physically, and of course, Enginelly ) Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII with a turbocharger, Alpine sound system, and 900BHP but will settle for a Skyline with 2 Turbochargers (Twin turbo to a whole new level) v Is totally awesome (if skyline, spaz, chris, or aemboy) Is a total NERD (if anyone else)
  4. TCClone

    A Cool Gang War Site

    it's not Tha OG's, my friend reccomended me to it, I reccomended aemboy to it, then he reccomended it to a bunch of people (including OG) and besides. The rules say don't advertise your speclink on forums, you're gunna get reported if you do that shit Tha OG.
  5. TCClone

    mc donolds vs burgerking

    screw cheeseburgers double-quarter-pounders/double big macs are where it's at (note, I eat these, then work out. therefore, i gain no weight... just like cj )
  6. TCClone

    The ^<v Game

    yep, lemme just get my wallet ^Is cool <Is weird vIs a gangsta
  7. 150mil on roulette. put it all on 0 guess which number it landed on
  8. TCClone

    The ^<v Game

    ^ Is psychic(probably spelt wrong) < WAS looking up pr0n v Is secretly in love with Tommy Vercetti
  9. TCClone

    mc donolds vs burgerking

    I prefer McDonalds, because of the McChiken(sic) burger. Out of all the Fast food restaurants(sp?) I'd probably go with Wendy's or Pizza Pizza
  10. TCClone

    Weird Glitches

    'tis. There also is (apparently) an undiscovered cheat which will allow you to spawn said plane, and fly it. Now, that's probably BS but hey, it sounds promising. (Images all the chaos and death if he got his hands on that cheat) mwahaha-*cough cough* oh, you're still here. umm, nvm ^________________^
  11. TCClone

    Your favourite gta wanabee

    I voted for mercenaries because it was the best out of all of those games. (even though its not a GTA wannabe)
  12. TCClone

    san andreas genereal quiz

    The Da Nang Boys, if San Fierro if Las Venturas, Sindaccos or Leones You get da HUNTER
  13. TCClone


    IMO, the way used above (go to LV, airport races thing, fly hunter back to airport) seems much easier than attempting all golds @ flying school.
  14. TCClone

    san andreas genereal quiz

    1. Sandking 2. Nightvision Goggles (that or Infared) 3. Ryder, and T-Bone Mendez 4. Millie Perkins 5. $5000 daily
  15. TCClone

    Secrets and Easter Eggs

    You can enter the Crack Palace afterwards, it has burn marks on the walls and shit. There is a silver vibrator, I have found it, it's at Bayside Marina, (can't exactly remember where) To Tommy, you're helpless man, sorry... "what is a vibrator?"