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    Actually he has been in prison
  2. Nelly

    Favourite Wrestler

    Not every match but it happens at every show
  3. Nelly

    fave sport

    Rugby is for British fags. Football (the real American one) is the best in my opinion.
  4. Nelly

    Sig and Av Needed

    I wouldn't accept the one for Pagan but, no offense, I think more effort should be put into the sig
  5. Nelly

    Bigger Genius.

    Dr. Seuss. Awesome books and now is dead. Let me ask you something, is Walt Disney's B-Day celebrated national?
  6. Nelly

    Word Association

  7. Nelly

    ladies & gentlemen, we have a ripper!

    Yeah and couldn't that have been made by R*? Just think about that
  8. Nelly

    his dark matirieal

    Yeah what are these Material crap?
  9. Nelly

    Games Arcade!

    Yeah you said that already. Glad to see there are more. Any other version of the Arcade?
  10. Nelly

    Coffee Break Forums

    Funny name for a forum but I'll join
  11. Nelly

    Favourite Wrestler

    Finally? It was only 3-4 months! Anyway, RAW Favorite Superstar Shawn Michaels SmackDown! Favorite Wrestler TIE Rey Mysterio or John Cena or Brock Lesnar
  12. Nelly

    Word Association

    George Bush is a detective? Wow, there's somethin new. forensics
  13. Nelly

    ladies & gentlemen, we have a ripper!

    So AaronC ripped those images? I thought they were to good to be made by somebody
  14. Nelly

    The New Member Thread

    What was the difference between the two links?
  15. Nelly

    Introduce Yourself..

    Yeah have fun, Smith. Just don't screw up the forums
  16. Nelly

    Word Association

    Sherlock Holmes
  17. Nelly

    Shop Forum

    Sorry. Big, you act like you got a privelige that you get to talk to Chris everyday
  18. Nelly

    Favourite Console

    How is the Xbox the most powerful? And could you point out some of these "cool" features that the Xbox has? PS2 is definatley the best on the market. Has the best game and it isn't going downhill(like GC)
  19. Nelly

    Word Association

  20. Nelly

    Shop Forum

    Actually the Trading Stalls can't open if they're is nothing in the shop so you'd have to wait until there is items in the Shop til the TS can be opened. And still Chris might consider not even putting the TS in the site
  21. Nelly

    Be more original!

    This is a place where you can get stuff on GTA and about other stuff in different topics. Also you can just hang out and chat
  22. Nelly

    The New Member Thread

    Yeah I think everybody knows that now but hey just in case. Agent Smith, if the link isn't working then go to the topic where it's at.
  23. Nelly

    Word Association

  24. Nelly

    Word Association

    gates of hell
  25. Nelly

    Shop Forum

    What do you mean by GTA Shop Forum?