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  1. Yeah but you should be able to fight back and beat them up. I heard just normal peds at night might try to mug you at night not just workers of your enemies
  2. It could be the guy on the phone at the end that said get me this guy or something
  3. There's an easteregg here in the trailer did you see the El Burro painting. This looks awesome he's jumping onto the back of a truck strafing down a wall watching the cops ,and bullet holes in the window this is going to be awesome.
  4. I think it would be cool for different personality like cops drinking on the job and if they chase you they will like stumble. Real cops wouldn't do that so it probaly won't happen but it's just an idea.
  5. You've got an awesome sig

  6. Guys San Andreas spoiled us saying can't swim, no car damage, and no assests this started the 3-D GTA games without it there would be no San Andreas. I didn't like the script for Maria she said i think after almost all her lines
  7. I might have heard it sort of remember hearing it but all I listen for is Toni calling about his Momma. Why do you think it's that lady.
  8. I think if you go to the end of the island you can see three islands that are old Liberty City and if you Zoom in on one of the tall buildings there you could see a sign that says Remember Us? then a sad face. Or the three islands and a bridge halfway through where there trying to connect them if you get 100% the bridge is completed and you can go to portland, stauton, and shoreside vale. Another thing could be that the ghost town is this city and you can find the bank Claude and Catilina robbed.
  9. The psp graphics were great but ididn't like the ps2 graphics
  10. I just heard he can be seen being chased by the cops and shooting at them
  11. This may have been done before but has anyone found Tommy in GTA:SA
  12. Sorry to bump but under the tunnel near 8-Ball's there are hobos with molatov Cocktails the men are based on this picture of darkel. this picture is also shown at the gta 3 official website when you look at the tunnel
  13. Who is the driver from the Hiest mission.
  14. This looks like custom clothes not sure
  15. I think the way to jack a car will be the same except if the door is locked Nikko will smash his elbow through the window and hotwire the car.Read it from OXM
  16. It was on Three first then Vice City
  17. Have you did skywolf or air ambulance
  18. Yeah i saw that Vic is really cool he should be up.
  19. It took me for ever to beat it but then I played it again and beat first try.
  20. I think the Voodoo Who is Avery's intern.
  21. What were the names of the two forelli men killed in the intro.
  22. I Read to try to use the slower gameplay code and go really really fast.
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