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  1. PC is Win7 x64+Ubuntu 11.04, laptop is OSX 10.7.
  2. http://www.ebay.com/itm/THE-BIBLE-Autographed-JESUS-CHRIST-himself-RARE-/160642753290?pt=US_Fiction_Books&hash=item25670de30a
  3. The GT2xx,3xx,and etc are shit.Anything in the range of a GTX 460 and above is ok.
  4. I can't run that because of 1.0.7, not fully supported.
  5. Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso - Together (Albin Myers Remix) EDIT:yep posting fails.
  6. If it's 20$, don't expect 450W.Overall PC is perfect, but the graphic card is hogging it down.
  7. I think the recovery partition is just the OS and everything in your users folder..
  8. Server got a blood clot and it stopped workin, ya seen?

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    2. Gerard


      Guys... it's not as if we've chosen this as our permanent skin. Our old one doesn't work with this new version, so Chris needs to make a new one. Give us time and stop moaning (:

    3. Damjan


      If you can make a quick one Gerard, with a dark grayish color instead of the bluetowhite background, it would be awesome.Just as a replacement till you make it.

    4. Gerard


      I'll knock something up as a temporary measure.

  9. I liked a @YouTube video

    Собраќајката (направено од Елдриџ)
  10. Listening to.. Earmilk-Palooza Chicago – Day 4 http://t.co/LMxL4Nc via @earmilkdotcom


  12. Get the already built ones.That there and here is a major difference, fucking 136 pounds the cheapest 5870?!
  13. Mind if anyone gave me a link of local PC stores in the UK?I'm pretty sure you can build a cheaper yet more efficient than those you just showed me. If you're not into building, then definitely get the black edition CPU on that quad core AMD setup instead of that which is put, it is much better, not that i know much of AMD's and stuff, but it is better.
  14. Just loved Black Light Dinner Party - Small Boxes http://awe.sm/5PRjj on @hypem

  15. The Chemical Brothers - The Salmon Dance
  16. I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/9iPeniPHPOU?a Grand Theft Auto 3 Soundtrack - Game Radio FM - Nature Freestyl

  17. lol.Vid is taken from an 8800GTS.GTS aint the same as a Ultra./watch?v=f2zf (@YouTube

  18. I favorited a @YouTube video

  19. I favorited a @YouTube video

  20. Just loved Leona Lewis - Collide (Afrojack Festival Remix) http://awe.sm/5PBtI on @hypem

  21. I have no respect for people who play with all aids on. (@YouTube

  22. I favorited a @YouTube video

    Macedonian Idol Mise Karsov (Мише Каршов)
  23. I favorited a @YouTube video

    Spit game Pretty Ugly Feat. Royce Da 5'9
  24. Just loved Laidback Luke & Steve Aoki Feat. Lil Jon - Turbulence (Original Mix) http://awe.sm/5P5PX on @hypem

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