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  1. Damjan

    Best Game of 2010

    Bad Company 2.Such humorous story was never ever seen before.Perfect game.
  2. For TXD's all i know is this. DFF's, well Ultimate Editor.
  3. I’ve created my profile at about.me! Check me out: http://about.me/d.aleksovski and sign up at http://about.me.

  4. Not exactly the "daisy", but meh. Got some Ray-Ban aviators, to be precise, just like Douglas McArthur wore when he landed in the Phillipines, WW2.
  5. 50 Cent Joins Internet Lip Sync - CollegeHumor video http://t.co/Jrft7LZ via @CollegeHumor

  6. New staff.No offense for Chris, but he rarely visits or I just tend to miss whenever he comes on here..And a competition would be nice, all members will say about it wherever possible.A reward that is really something priced is what most value, not just some forum award.A game, Premium Account somewhere, a New Year's gift for this time of season would be perfect aswell.
  7. http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CBUQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fgrandtheftauto.filefront.com%2Ffile%2FGTA_SA_Downgrader_Patch%3B74661&ei=hwj1TLu5IoP1sgbG49jQBA&usg=AFQjCNGsiaWodoeYSY79hdcECAPAbH4b2A&sig2=m3UpMoXDqY00qvR3mXeWtQ
  8. GTA 3 has major compatibility issues on 7; i tried running it myself.
  9. RT @FAILBlog Costume Irony FAIL - Epic Fail Funny Videos and Funny Pictures http://bit.ly/dz0C9I

  10. Се спремам за CSI :)

  11. Check this video out -- Black Ops - 48 KILL STREAK http://t.co/gqww1sp via @youtubeThis guy's awesome.

  12. Problem is whenever the laptop cooler revs up and spins like hell, it doesn't lag.Afterwards well, just more lag.Played & finished it at a friend's with a fucking quad core.That's the fucking minimum, not Core2Duo/sumfin.
  13. If there's anyone reading this, this game has major lag issues in SP and MP both.
  14. Check out http://fav.me/dg01qd on #deviantart . Most awesome christmas tree ever.

  15. You can recruit them with an RPG/AK47, can't remember exactly what weapon, the option is on the +151 Crazy Trainer, which can be found in the Downloads section.
  16. You're back from the dead.

  17. Damjan

    Medal of Honor

    Why do i think the likely choice is "stealing"?
  18. Damjan

    Medal of Honor

    Screenies: Taken from Gamestop. IMHO, i steal it.I can tell you the graphics suck hard, and the SP sucks too.MW2 pwns the shit out of this game.Still haven't got to trying out the MP, people say it's better, but still.It's annoying that your weapons that you had in the mission before dissappear in the next one, picking up a Dragunov finally and the next mission replaces it with a M249 SAW.
  19. BULLSHIT.Paying for a server?Goodbye Blackops, welcome back aIW(alterIWNet).If this is the issue aIW will put their own server so anyone can host a dedi.
  20. Ubuntu 10.10 RC has some major issues.

  21. Since this was bumped, N64.
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