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  1. Damjan

    MW3 Wishlist

    MW3 will be an epic fail.According to the trailers, the gameplay, same MW2 with some new weps and attachments.BF3 is going to eat this game for breakfast.
  2. Also: http://untinyurl.com/ http://untiny.me/extra/'>http://untiny.me/extra/ http://untiny.me/ Then just copy paste the link in google and see where it's from.
  3. I got the gauge, a uzi ,and my fuckin twenty-two!

  4. Megaupload supports 1GB per file.
  5. Could you upload it somewhere else? Megaupload/Multiupload preferably? This site is too slow..
  6. I own a G25, it suits me good.Bonus points for clutch pedal. Though if you're looking for a cheaper one, check this one out.
  7. PSN is back up!!!!

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    2. Ivan


      Why would anyone hate consoles?

    3. Ivan


      TV fucked radio over, now consoles fuck PC games, it's just how things evolve. Still, there's lots of games for the PC.

    4. Miles Pedro Prower

      Miles Pedro Prower

      Anyway, there are still great games coming out for PC (Valve, for example, gives priority to PC rather than consoles).

  8. Damjan

    GTA 5 Screens?

    Fake.But, I'd love if VC was redone with a new look.That game deserves to prove itself to other players, once more.
  9. Damjan

    Portal 2

    Ah that core. God.
  10. Since around 5.GTA 3 was my fav game at the time.Also on a sidenote, no one buys games.
  11. I know one. Control Panel>Mouse>Pointer options. Or get a good mouse with DPI changer so it will go faster.
  12. ATi is better than nvidia, though the net is swarming with its fanboys.You can run it on low methinks, it is after all in a laptop, that means it will be more toned down than the original one for desktops.
  13. Постоечки корисник Гостин If you want I can translate the rest of the forum if you aren't into changing it.
  14. Creative and Sennheiser are your best bet for headsets.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ev67C7Gts6Y This is unbelievable.I've never heard something so good.
  16. Oh just download the GTA SA Downgrader.Stop fucking trolling.
  17. holy.you are back.How you doing?

  18. I just wanna say - private forums.That's what got the guys to post in this forum again.Everyone would see some new topic which was unreplied to while they were scrolling down to their private forum, and post there, and then go to the private forum to see what's new.Same with the Honours system, the eyecandy attracted members again. Also, for the 10k post award/honour, please replace it with Over 9000.
  19. TDU2 for the win;too bad i didn't get to play the beta.
  20. Happy New Year all!Oh, and that Rockstar Games pack is not available in my region, so...
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