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  1. Centurion

    The insane humor of GTAs radio stations

    I'm not a big fan of Lazlow's Radio shows but I'm glad that there are decent Radio channels in GTA V.
  2. Centurion

    GTA: San Andreas Released on iOS

    I hope it works well with iPhone 5s. About to buy it.
  3. Centurion

    Cholos Gangs

    I guess they needed a good Gang. That's all.
  4. Centurion

    Claude Vs Tony

    Claude will simply knock Toni.
  5. Centurion

    What radio station do you dislike the most

    Double Cleff is the worst one.
  6. Centurion

    Liberty City Stories Trivia V2

    If I'm not wrong, there are 16 outfits in total.
  7. Centurion

    whats ur fav island?

    Portland is the coolest Island. You get some good and enjoyable vehicles in there.
  8. I'd love to see Tom Hanks. He's an interesting character.
  9. Centurion

    When meeting Trevor..

    It was worthless cameo for someone like Johnny. Shame on Trevor.
  10. Centurion

    Minor Forum Upgrade - IPB 3.3

    You should upgrade to the latest version of IPB 3.
  11. Seems like a great update from Rockstar's side.