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  1. This is the boxart I made for GTA IV in Photoshop CS2. I may post it at a boxart site by the name of VGBoxArt.com later under the name "Mr.Speed" over there. So anyways, I had some spare time today and decided I'd made a boxart. I believe I could do better, but I still think it looks great! So what'd you guys think?
  2. Iron Madien would rule. Me and my brother might go see them next time they come to Michigan.
  3. Haha, thanks dude! :)

  4. Anymore, there was a time when it was actually interesting, and not that bad. But now its like no one has a stage name (everyone just uses their first and last name, there arent many people that go by a name like "Undertaker"), and nothings believeable. If you watched any old video's you'd know that the Hulk Hogan would use his leg drop, and after that the opponent would be done. Now you have to bang them in the head with a frolicking chair 19 times and then you win. Oh well, the games are still fun. (Well, some of them are at least
  5. I'm about to eat some pizza. From Little Ceasers.
  6. Yeah, Serbia and Russia are connected. So as for the "mafia" I guess they could connect them...
  7. How were the Red Hot Chili Peppers? I was going to go see them but no one else wanted to go with me so I didn't.
  8. No shit! But I want someone to come up with visual evidence to prove it was staged. OK, well isin't it funny that the only time Vince McMahon is recorded entering his limo (or one of the VERY FEW), it explodes? Why would the camera be following him? Plus, the WWE would be going crazy if it's owner died. There would be more than just one Vince McMahon 3 hour special!
  9. Well they might appear. But I doubt it, Niko isint Russian, hes Serbian or Croation...
  10. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the WWE is like an on-going soap opera.
  11. Snickers. I'm eating a cheeseburger and some chicken. Seriously, whenever we have fast food I'm like the fattest person in the world. I really only weigh about 130lbs. Aren't you only 14??? I weighed like some where in between 90-110 pounds when I was 14. SNICKERS!!! I love em' EDIT: I'm surprised this topic actually got off. I thought people would over look it or some shit. EDIT 2: What happened to the word filters? I don't want to get in trouble if this shit is supposed to be censored... So he weighs 15 or so more pounds than you (when you were his age)... Not that big-a-deal....
  12. "Those kids" on my block that never shut the hell up. Seriously, one time one was hanging upside down from a tree yelling "HELP!" I came over and it was just a joke. I hate that damn 8 year old.
  13. Guns N' Roses never really "broke up". Band members just left. But instead, we now have a much more talented Guns N' Roses, sadly the only two original members left are Axl Rose and Dizzy Reed. The line up now is: Axl Rose (Piano, Singing), Robin Finck (Lead Guitar), Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (Guitar), Richard Fortus (Guitar), Tommy Sintson (Bass), Frank Ferrer (Drums), Dizzy Reed/Chris Pitman (Keyboards) Chinese Democracy should be coming out around November 2007, I follow all Guns N' Roses news very closely, as I myself have a fansite (GNRForums.com, check the sig). BTW, right now, GN'R have some more tour dates lined up, if you live in Japan, Australia, or New Zealand, check some GNR fansites because they will be playing show there! As for VR, Velvet Revolver has Slash, Duff, and Matt Sorum. But they have the shitty lead singer, Scott Weiland so they aren't that great. But I'll be seeing them just for Slash and Duff later this year! Cool stuff about your dad building an amp for John Mayer.
  14. I really doubt they'll put an achievement in the game such as "Kill 100 [gang members/peds]". Why would they? That would just be giving bait to Jack Thompson or any other "GTA IS THE DEVIL" person.
  15. I really hope we get a charecter like "The Truth", he was so cool. But it would have to be a hippie, not someone like that "Jacob"!
  16. Well, I guess this will be a topic were we can see what kind of music taste everyone has... My Last Concert: Ted Nugent My Next Concert: *possibly* John Mayer (The concert before Ted Nugent was Guns N' Roses!) What about you?
  17. Yeah, on the My Computer.
  18. Damn it, nothing happened. Actually, it was already ticked. So I un-check marked it and it looked the same. Then I re-check marked it and it looked the same.
  19. Every 360 game HAS to have achievements, it's required! (Seriously, I'm not kidding. Arcade games have to be smaller than 512MB to.) So this game will have achievements. I hope they have a lot of achievements for the storyline!
  20. I'm right handed. Also, when playing soccer (and other times I'm using my foot...) I kick with my right leg.
  21. I think it says "1 Player" because multiplayer hasn't really been announced.... Right?
  22. Yeah, it really does make a difference. ESPECIALLY IN DEAD RISING. Don't even attempt playing Dead Rising if you don't have an HDTV, you can't read any of the text, and if you don't read the text you'll have no idea what your doing.
  23. You see how in that screen, the shadow of all the text isint really a shadow? It's ugly and solid and just makes all the icon's and text look damn ugly. How do I make it look like a shadow again? (And last time I asked this someone said something about the image my backround is, well that image came on my computer if your wondering...)
  24. I was looking around Xbox.com today and went to the page for GTAIV, it says that the game supports 720p. I was thinking this game would go up to 1080i just like every other big title but I guess not. Heres the games page on Xbox.com: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/g/grandtheftautoiv/ Look below the game's box and rating and it says "HDTV 720p". I guess this is news!
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