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  1. Remeber the shot with the blue converable? It would be cool if you could put the top up and down given the weather. Maybe it will be like the stallion and sometimes you find it and the top is up and sometimes its down.
  2. I wonder how crashing will effect your health. Maybe if you hit a car or a wall or something realy fast you would fly out of the windsheeld and onto the street. ( you think they'll go as far as windsheeld wipers when it rains?)
  3. I think there should be all themes combined but if I was to choose I'd say drugs. I enjoy drug running like in Scarface, selling keys to dealers on the streets is fun. And just New York is fine.
  4. Yeah I heard that too, they also said he broke throgh the window of the building. I love how the hands look so realistic, the fingers arent always stuck togeather.
  5. And i'll tell you again. Do more w/ your life. Says me who sleeps until the afternoon, then has a shower, spends the rest of the day with his girlfreind, then eats for abit, goes on the pc, goes to sleep, and the cycle continues. But meh, it's up to you whether you think it's weird. i think the only difference you refer to is girlfriend right??? everybody always love Tommy V, simple answer, he rocks!!! Thanks for that Urbanoutlaw, I don't feel so weird anymore. lol I guss I don't have much of a life nither, and yes Tommy rocks. (rocks my world)
  6. I don't know the techniqual name for it so I'm gonna call it "auto aiming". Like in Scarface, when you lock onto an enime and use R3 to taget a spicific body part. Thats what I wish for.
  7. I like everything about Tommy. Is it weird to think an animation is sexy?
  8. I feel the same way. I like to prove to my brother and boyfriends that I am just as good by beating the game without cheating.
  9. Obsessive = Creepy ( unless you're obsessed with GTA) Well I'm mostly called Jess so, who knows.
  10. Infactuations? Yeah uh, thanks for the heads up and thanks for welcoming me ps3 player & InevitableGoat.
  11. Hello, Im Jessica. I joined about a week ago and from what I've seen this site is cool. It's got alot of features I have never seen on a message board. So how many girls belong to this board?
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