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  1. I can see whats great about it, I'd just rather have the real life thing.
  2. Yeah, I don't and I've only met about 3 girls who do.
  3. Risotto is like a light green rice soup, right? I'm a chick ofcourse I can cook. I do mostly all of my cooking from scratch.
  4. I never seen one myselfe but I watch Ghost Hunters on Sci-Fi and TAPS catches some crazy stuff sometimes. Mostly EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon). TAPS is a seemingly Legit organization. If your intrested : http://www.scifi.com/ghosthunters/
  5. It is but then when I think about it they would make it realistic, right? So your not gonna get a six pack like SA from using the stationary bicycle. You would probably have to work out your whole body. That doesn't sound like much fun to me.
  6. I bet it's gonna look real nice. ;)

  7. I have all the Sims 1 and 2 for PC. I can't wait for Bon Voyage to comes out in September.
  8. I'd like if when you had a wanted level you could hide in shadows like in The Warriors or in closets like the Bully. It would be cool to do things to distract the cops so you can get away. Little things like that would help alot.
  9. oh, the backseat.

  10. Yeah so did I like a decade ago! Very embarrassing. At the time they were kinda cool but yeah. I could still sing you a couple of their songs. lol
  11. No it isn't... I'm not but when I was playing Vice City I wanted to be.
  12. damn right Ahhh yes The Killers! I don't know which songs would be good thogh. For Reasons Unknown? somebody told me, bones, when you were young, on top. these would be good Yeah, I'd perfer songs from Sams Town rather than Hot Fuss thogh. Just because it's new.
  13. I think it is you who sucks. I'm not gonna say what you suck, I'll let you think about that. Your good at using your imagination for that sort of stuff anyway.
  14. I used to love S Club 7. I don't know if anyone knows who they are but, it's pretty embarrassing.
  15. damn right Ahhh yes The Killers! I don't know which songs would be good thogh. For Reasons Unknown?
  16. 50 cent's In Da Club is one of the most played out songs in US history.
  17. You also don't tell us what those names mean. You don't know what a Highwire or Afterdark is? A highwire is a High Wire and Afterdark means After Dark (Night Time). @YellowJacket: I couldn't choose which one so I want other ppl to choose. Well duh but but I meant, why are they significant? They both seem insignificant to me...
  18. I watch a soap, Passions, but I'm in the US.
  19. You also don't tell us what those names mean.
  20. Well I don't think that I can change the order, and I wouldn't wanna. Nothing against x box but I'm just used to the playstation. I don't care for the full experience nither, I'm sure it's just as good anyway.
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