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  1. I pre ordered the special edition IV today, it was like 100 something. I got it from the Rockstar wharehouse. The funny thing is I don't even have a PS3 yet!
  2. New York natives, Interpol. Some songs from their album Antics.
  3. Up-scale condo in Downtown, Vice City.
  4. oh, congradulations, Sky. you've won the biggest dork award. So how dose it feel to win for being a loser? haha!!

  5. Desparatly search for a way out. WWYDI your neighbor was a midget?
  6. Happy Birthday, Party hardy, man!!

  7. Dude, I would die!! WWYDI you had to join a nudest society?
  8. I'd be Po'd and I would have to beat you up. WWYDI your dog talked?
  9. I don't know about that last part but spinners would be crazy awesome. that was good idea!
  10. I hope its like SA's TransFender and I hope they still have 8 Ball's bomb shop.
  11. Yeah you would but maybe I its going to stay the same, he won't acually reach into his bag and pull the gun out. The bag is just there to show you where the gun came from, that he didn't just pull it out of his butt...
  12. N.O.O.S.E, what dose that mean? Like rope you hang yourselfe with? I thoght about that when I first saw the 2nd trailer.
  13. Yeah, me too. I like it better that way. I also agree, but I would perfer the cops to be more realistic! I mean how many cops do you see just walking the streets in the US, None.
  14. It would be awesome if they remade VC & SA. Especially Las Vanturas, the neon lights and casions open to gamble in would be a lot of fun to explore. A new place would be great too, may I suggest Phoenix, AZ.
  15. I do agree, it would take the fun out for alot of gamers and it may be annoying. Going into my into my trunk when I need something dose add to the difficulty especially when I don't know exactly what wepons I need to bring to a mission. But I don't know I still like the idea.
  16. I believe they should absolutely have a tutorial, there are alot of new features to the game that should be explained. The GTA's tutorials are very subtle anyways, you could very easily ignore them.
  17. Nothing much...

    How 'bout you?

  18. It would be cool if when you jack a car it could have wepons in the trunk you get to keep.
  19. It's very likely that this could be a feature in IV, you can store guns in the trunk in Scarface.
  20. I think you're right. In the 2nd trailer Niko was in one car. It would definately add to realism of the game too.
  21. Say no way jose! WWYDI the world was without donuts?
  22. Make a run for it and while I'm there enjoy the booze & hookers! WWYDI I came over to your house and asked if I could play your PS3?
  23. Wave 103 and Emotion are close but Wave 103 it my favorite. Adam First's voice is soo sexy!!
  24. If you don't have a man, no. Well I don't right now, hpefully I'll get the same understanding that Urbanoutlaw gets. lol I should make a Tommy Vercetti fan club, I'll be the president. (j/k)
  25. Yeah, I know. Maybe you could also put things in the trunk of the car you are driving.
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