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  1. This is for the main site ,correct? you should make a new fourm skin based off that layout.
  2. your wish comes true ,but as you are transfering you get eaten my a comp virus lol. I wish i could buy spazes house.
  3. Too bad, their are enough gta sites already ,wish succesfully ruined. I wish I could get my ps2 to work again.
  4. Well my famliy sucks, so i would laugh . wwydi i made your pony die?
  5. Nice to have you back........who are you anyways?
  6. Spaz I can let you have my bargust account of you . Other than that I can't help you
  7. Dont you dare leave,you are one of my few friends on tgtap, so dont leave! !!!
  8. I made this bacause I know some are fighting about this when the pole is done chris will go with the results....I guess. Should we have a karma star syestem?
  9. All my class mates know my pass ,and Genocide stfu before I skin you're ass raw.
  10. Shit shit shit, my aim just got hacked to it won't let me im aemboy or my girlfriend wtf.
  11. No I didin't, and I have been changing names way before I knew you guys.
  12. Hey spaz why do you think I switch aim names so much? my aim account was hacked before, so now you all know why I change my aim name so much
  13. ^ I resent that <esl also wtf lol V is the king of bitching.
  14. Ok here is the gta fourms warning stars And heres the gta fourms karma stars see the difference?
  15. Hey water bottle its me , I left gta nation last night though that sites dead.
  16. ^he controls the univeres then a flying pony randomly bites off his head. I wish genocide or spaz would say the most nasty violent thing ever.
  17. You run the show,but geno escapes and pokes you're eyes out. I wish spaz would get a new kitten.
  18. Acctualy im not listening to anything ,just the sound of the rain . *some people like the rain*
  19. ^wtf is green minded? <hates sex topics also Vis a upright civilized individual.
  20. You are a very strange man ,you know that right? j/k good job.
  21. ^ Yes,yes I do as a matter of fact. <eating a home cooked chillli cheese burger..yum VChances are its genocide..
  22. (genocide has taught you well) You become 21 and you catch herpies I wish I had flying pony (beat that genocide)
  23. Well it is going to be called gta IV,I read that on a web site a month ago,and besides don't you think spaz would have researced this before posting this ,to ensure proper information.
  24. Ok,seeing how all of the quizes are gta based, I thought it might be a good idea to make real quizes with mathmatics ,english science and history questions, add some educational value to the site and you should have quizes on what and what not to do on the fourms , well I hope you like my idea
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