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  1. Bartman hey you big hasshale shut up dont curse idiot guy get the hell out of here !

    stupet ! get the f*ck from here

  2. Bitchman9999

    I'm out of here good bye

    just wanted to let ya know that i'm out of here and don't contact me, just that, i did'nt wnted attention, nobody CARED about me
  3. I DON'T CARE OF YOU ANYMORE F*CK YOU ALL (with some exceptions)

  4. Bitchman9999

    I'm out of here good bye

    Ok this forums bored me, my interests changed so GTA isn't fun 4 me anymore so, goodbye everyone (don't expect to see me later in the future, but sometimes i will take a look to the forums and even post)
  5. Bitchman9999

    favorite weapon

    When i play in online servers, i own with m4 and tec9 (but i get killed too, i'm not inmortal or anything else)
  6. Bitchman9999

    Humour, or your money back!

    Anal Bleeding save a buck or two Porn It's everywhere you want to be Diarrhea Delicious and refreshing :rofl2: Marijuana Don't leave home without it Lol i laughed what a funny thing JUST TO LET U KNOW, I LAUGH EASYLY
  7. Bitchman9999

    How to get more than 100 health

    Man don't bump topics that are already solved
  8. Bitchman9999

    The GTA Knowledge Game

    I noticed that you bumped a 4 months old topic ANSWER The rapper's real name is Chris Bellard, known better as Young Maylay No idea for a question sorry
  9. Bitchman9999

    Best GTA... Old Skool

    My favorite was GTA2. I liked the gang respect thing and the electricity gun. I used to get respect by going into gang territory and starting to kill gang members with cars and guns.
  10. Bitchman9999

    The Cholo gang and Cholo Sabre

    Wow cool mod, nice graphics, i like that gang. all that made me download it. Nice work!
  11. Bitchman9999

    Ban the person on top of you

    banned for having a japanese sentence in your sig
  12. Bitchman9999

    Ban the person on top of you

    Banned for unbanning me
  13. Bitchman9999

    Connor's Sig Shop!

    i'm a poor guy now bu i have a sig thanks Connor i'm now using it!