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  1. Bartman hey you big hasshale shut up dont curse idiot guy get the hell out of here !

    stupet ! get the f*ck from here

  2. just wanted to let ya know that i'm out of here and don't contact me, just that, i did'nt wnted attention, nobody CARED about me
  3. I DON'T CARE OF YOU ANYMORE F*CK YOU ALL (with some exceptions)

  4. Ok this forums bored me, my interests changed so GTA isn't fun 4 me anymore so, goodbye everyone (don't expect to see me later in the future, but sometimes i will take a look to the forums and even post)
  5. When i play in online servers, i own with m4 and tec9 (but i get killed too, i'm not inmortal or anything else)
  6. Anal Bleeding save a buck or two Porn It's everywhere you want to be Diarrhea Delicious and refreshing :rofl2: Marijuana Don't leave home without it Lol i laughed what a funny thing JUST TO LET U KNOW, I LAUGH EASYLY
  7. Man don't bump topics that are already solved
  8. I noticed that you bumped a 4 months old topic ANSWER The rapper's real name is Chris Bellard, known better as Young Maylay No idea for a question sorry
  9. My favorite was GTA2. I liked the gang respect thing and the electricity gun. I used to get respect by going into gang territory and starting to kill gang members with cars and guns.
  10. Wow cool mod, nice graphics, i like that gang. all that made me download it. Nice work!
  11. banned for having a japanese sentence in your sig
  12. i'm a poor guy now bu i have a sig thanks Connor i'm now using it!
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