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  1. Happy Birthday duuude!!11!!!1!11

  2. Thanks. I stole the idea from Chris. Your one looks nice too :P

  3. I raised your rating cos you're a fan of R2.

  4. And why the fuck should I tell you? To answer your stupid question, yes I do. And I'm proud of it. Are you proud of your IQ? 12 I think it was?

  5. I can come on now if you want.

  6. Yeah, I'm fine. Schools just been boring. I've still got MTA installed so I'lll try and help out with your graphics.

  7. Some say he's scared of ducks. All we know is, he's called The Stig!


  9. I'm doing a survey to see how many people have a penus. Would you happen to be in possesion of one? Please reply ASAP. Thanks.

  10. It'll be sad to see you leave meyn, drop back in anytime you want. :(

  11. Last time I remember you wanted a PS3 lol. 360 is cheaper though.

  12. It's been snowing here quite a lot recently, it sucks in the morning when I walk to the bus stop. Do you still walk to school?

  13. Fine, thanks. Life's so beeping boring, meh. How is yours?

  14. Wow, Sherbert. You changed your name? Is that even legal?

  15. Yeah well, well, UR A PEDO! Ha!

  16. Da Builder of course! Who else? Bob Saget?

  17. Let's build a house and invite Bob!

  18. Happy birthday!

  19. What did you fucking call me? Die, slut, die!

  20. Don't you dare visit my profile again, capiche?

  21. Dude, Gycu is asking you out on the weekend. SAY YES!!!

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