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  1. Anyway pm me if you want to know who i stole from .
  2. I will try the quizzes later on . I only steal from people who have plenty of money . I think earning money is more sucsessful .
  3. ^ Needs to say what job he wants in my gang < He has his own invision site v Wont be random man next time
  4. The forum could be improved i would give a six .
  5. I dont want to say who i stole from . He would probaly go mad at me . I will pm it to you just dont tell anyone .
  6. I cant find it in my bank . I was supposed to have stolen 3,500 from somebody . it said i was successful . Sorry for going offtopic but did you apply for my gang, random man ?
  7. I just stole someones money . Why dont i have it yet ?
  8. I think the mafia and the da nang boys would win in a war .
  9. ^ yes i do, spas < Has more than 3,000 v works for the KFM
  10. Well good luck in your future life, crimson . The other people who left are joey,mvi,grove st gunna,tommy and m goggles . That is six people who have left .
  11. Since the other topic died i decided to make one . My favourite weapon is the bazooka because you can blow everything up and cause total chaos .
  12. I rate your signiture a seven out of ten . The colour is nice . Detail is good .
  13. You should ban him, chris .
  14. Look, if we all leave they shall be nobody left .
  15. Get the sugar off her What would you do if if Jason died ?
  16. ^ he is correct < he got his first recruit for the TCF v he works for the DS
  17. Avatar : 6/10 Signiture : 5/10
  18. 1. I dont really like the idea of a karma system 2 . Same as before 3 . What is a shoutbox ? 4 .I dont think it is needed
  19. I like your site joey . The skin is awesome .
  20. I need graphics for my gang to get members to join . How much do you want ?
  21. I know . Why not make a topic for people to announce they are leaving , It could be ###### .
  22. ^ is correct, i started my own gang < joined less than 10 days ago v he is a moderator
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