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    Talking to dead people, putting hex to people, polishing my nail, lighting candles
  1. Konstantinos29

    RATE Person above you

    avatar = 9/10 - nice signature = 8/10 - nice, but pixelized a bit person = I don't know you much at all.
  2. Konstantinos29

    What are you listening to right now?

    Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg - Deep Cover
  3. Konstantinos29

    What are you listening to right now?

    Cypress Hill - How could i just kill a man
  4. Konstantinos29

    Favorite Gang

    Haitians live in a very dirty place, but they are the best! cool cars, cool outfits, and cool weapons. really thugs
  5. Konstantinos29

    Milkyboy's graphics

    What program do you use to make beautiful signatures? Hmmm...... its really good
  6. Konstantinos29

    Word Association

  7. Konstantinos29

    Favorite Character?

    8ball is the best black
  8. Konstantinos29

    favourite island in liberty

    Staunton, the most look-a-like a city than the other two islands
  9. Konstantinos29

    your favourite gang .

    Mafia, coz cool uniform like Men In Black..
  10. Konstantinos29

    Weapons of liberty city : part two

    Sniper and AK-47 they rule the gta 3 weapons
  11. Konstantinos29

    50ยข and The Game

    And why did you post? You should just PM him
  12. Konstantinos29

    Fav. Song

    90's raps!!! 1.F**k the police- NWA 2.Life Goes on-2pac 3.To live and die in LA-2pac 4.Dear Mama-2pac 5.I'll be missing you-P DIddy 6.California Love-2pac and Dr.Dre 7.Changes-Tupac and more 2pac songs!
  13. Konstantinos29

    Favorite HipHop/Rap Artist?

    Early and mid 90's raps, like NWA(r.i.p. to eazy-e), 2pac(r.i.p), Notorious B.i.G.(r.i.p.), Snoop Dogg, BoneThugs n' harmony. but 2pac is the best.
  14. Konstantinos29

    Who Do You Want!

    new character, more gangsta than cj.