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  1. XBOX gets my vote, because I love playing Rainbow Six, and Halo - Live.
  2. Mafia, gets my vote. Why? They got a Mansion. Nice cars. Good weapons. And, they live in my favorite island - Portland. Second gang, is Diablos. Why? Because they got good cars, weapons, and they live in the hood, just like me.
  3. =M4K4V3L1=


    I created a Skater, and started doing missions. I've never wen't to Free Skate. I only played in Story mode. I beat the game in about 2 days, total. I'de do a mission, and mess around. You know how it goes, but I beat it a little to fast, but the game's very, very good.
  4. MSN's been fine for me. It goes down for maintence, sometimes. Not alot though, well... When it does, I just get on Steam and talk to everyone on my MSN list, and play Counter-Strike, lol.
  5. Thank you, thank you. Heh, I love this skin. Very, very nice.
  6. You have to rig the bomb, and run to the street, once you do that, a movie will play. And, boom.
  7. Hey, sup all? How's everyone doing?...
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