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  1. Amun Re

    Vehicles in future GTAs

    How about inmstead of cars those flying suacers things from the Jetsons?
  2. Amun Re

    Three Word Story

    tiny little penis
  3. Amun Re

    Favorite Gang

    Ya I prefer the Cubans because they dont shoot me and I like there accents.
  4. Amun Re

    Vice City Trivia

    Actually its Ricardo(where did you get Fernando?) and hydrolics Who is the lead guitarist for Love Fist?
  5. Amun Re

    Favorite Movies

    Scarface The Boondock Saints Kill Bill 1&2 Saving Private Ryan Star Wars (all of them) Oceans 11(havnt seen 12) Man on Fire thats all I can think of for now.
  6. Amun Re

    Word Association

    Math class
  7. Amun Re

    The ^<v Game

    ^grins like an idiot <ARR godfather V thinks hes cool
  8. Amun Re

    Weird Al Yankovic

    I have only heard Barneys on Fire and his parody of the Barbie Girl song so I guess those are my favorites.
  9. Amun Re

    Fav. Song

    My two favorite songs are I shot the Sherrif-Bob Marley Bad Bad Man-John Cena